XV Dresses

Do You Know What is a Couture Dress?

You are about to begin the search for your Quinceañera dress, you have spent many hours searching the internet and watching magazines in which beautiful dresses can be seen and many of the models are haute couture. But you know what is haute couture? White Gown by DaVinci The term haute couture has a specific meaning... View Article

Invitations / Favors

Ideas to Make your Own Quinceanera Favors

When it comes to finding the perfect favor for the guests at your Quinceanera, the options list is quite long. From key chains, candles and sweets even to things that may be less than useful.

Food / Catering

5 places to Enjoy Spring Break as a Quinceanera

Okay, spring is around the corner and that can only mean one thing, Spring break! Immediately you must think about a tropical paradise, hot weather, beach and sun lotion and that’s wonderful! There certainly are many destinations you may enjoy. You can also may have the idea to go somewhere out of the country but... View Article


Choose Your Quinceanera Shoes with this Helpful Guide

If you think you already overcame the hardest part because you have chosen your Quinceañera dress wait until you start looking for your shoes, this is just the beginning! Finding a beautiful, elegant and comfortable pair of shoes is an adventure for every Quinceanera. You feel overwhelmed because you could not find the perfect shoes, you’ve... View Article

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