The princesses themes are very popular among Quinceañeras and the good thing about this is that there are many princesses to choose from!

This time we are proposing a Princess Aurora Quinceanera theme better known as “The Sleeping Beauty” theme.

Although Aurora is not as a popular princess like Cinderella, she still has her fans and it is a good choice as a theme for your Quinceanera party.

Aurora wears two different dresses in the film, a pink one, and a blue one, but we think a blue dress is more to Cinderella, so our color palette will be in pink hues and some touches of gold.

The color palette for your party decor is inspired by the light and dark shades of Princess Aurora’s dress and the golden color from her crown.

An idea that seems pretty lovely, is that the damas also wear pink. Surely you are thinking, how could that be possible if I’m wearing pink? Don’t worry! Your damas can wear pink dresses in different shades and you and your court will look very nice!

Of course, the chambelanes should resemble Prince Philip! And as they aren’t wearing a red cloak, you can substitute it for a dark red vest or tie combined with a dark suit, preferably black.

Surely you’ve noticed Aurora’s hairstyle and makeup which is very simple and discreet but equally will make you look like a princess too. The hairstyle is a half-up do and the rest of the hair loose and with long curls.

The golden tiara can not miss. The makeup is based in pink tones very subtle that will make your face look like porcelain.

Your mom can wear a long dress of any of the three colors worn by Aurora’s fairy godmothers, red, green or blue.

Pink roses can not miss in your bouquet and add cascading ivy inspired by the vine leaves covering the princess castle.

How about a cake in pink ombré? If you choose a pink cake, try to make it in pale colors with gold details to highlight it.

In Sleeping Beauty’s film, Theo the owl plays a very important role. This is why it would be a good idea to incorporate it somehow in the decoration of your party or your accessories.

You can get some earrings or purse shaped as an owl and adorned with rhinestones, or you can find some small ceramic or wood owls in decoration stores or dollar shops to place on your tables.

It goes without a saying that the decoration will be pink and golden with flowers in every corner of the place. If your party is going to take place in a garden or in a forest, nature will provide the natural details to add that touch of fairy tale.

If you can get a spinning wheel for decoration, that would be the silver lining of your decoration!

A great idea is to give your guests some embroidered sleep masks with your name or the name of the guest as favors. It will be a unique detail!

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