If you’re one of those girls who don’t like theme parties and are looking for simplicity, then the easiest way to decorate your Quinceanera party is based on your favorite color.

This time, we are dedicating this article to purple color, so if you are a big fan of this color should read this.

Your Quinceanera in Purples Shades

It is known that purple is your favorite color, but it’s also true that there are many shades to choose from.

The shades range from very light as lilac to the most intense ones like purple.

A suggestion is to go to a hardware store and take all the purple paint chips you find.

Take them to your house and take your time to pay attention to the colors well and how they combine with each other.

It will be time to start making decisions about the color palette you want at your party.

Think about what shade of purple would you like for your dress, flowers, invitations, cake, and decorations.

Do you have trouble deciding which is your favorite? Do you like both light and dark?

Well, that is not a problem, in fact, it is something easy to solve. Have you ever heard the term “ombré”?

Ombré word is used to describe the gradual combination of one color’s hue with another. This combination can go from light to dark or vice versa.

This option lets you play with the different shades of one color and also prevents the decor and ambiance get a saturated look. It’s amazing all the things you can do with a single color!

Let’s Talk About Dresses

Of course we already know that your dress will be purple, but still, there are some things you might want to consider.

Find a shade that matches well with your skin tone, one that makes it highlight and make you look beautiful.

Think if you want a simple plain dress or one with decorations and embroidery. Just as with everything else you can also have a dress in purple ombré.

Why Not? Purple For Them Too

Many guys think that purple is not for them and they don’t see themselves wearing it but this is about to change.

Your whole party is focused on the purple color and the Chambelanes are not the exception.

Of course, we are not asking them to dress like the joker to please you but they can add some touches of color.

Here are a few ideas that will make your Chambelanes look gorgeous. And in purple!

The Decoration … Purple Too

This is where the fun part begins, combining and playing with different hues for the perfect decoration.

Something so basic like lighting can completely transform the venue environment without having to spend a lot on decorations.

Ask the people responsible of the venue to illuminate in lilac and purple hues.

If you are decorating with flowers there are many kinds of flowers in shades of purple you can use.

Hydrangeas are some of our favorite and they look spectacular, they are very versatile and you can find them in almost any color.

Place a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas in glass jars with pebbles on the bottom for the centerpieces.

They are very easy to make, inexpensive and will make your tables look fabulous.

Get purple jars of different shapes and sizes. Place candles inside and hang them like chandeliers.

They will add a touch of sophistication to your decor.

For Dessert … Purple Cake Can’t Be Missed

So far everything is going well and by now you’ve realized how you can use a single color as the main theme of your party.

Now the only thing missing is the cake and it couldn’t be otherwise than a purple cake or a cake with purple accents.

If you think that maybe a purple cake is too much, you have not seen these cakes!

Now you’re ready for your Quinceanera in purple shades.

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