The winter season feels closer and for many people, it is the favorite time of year. If you are considering having a Quinceanera party in the winter months a Winter Wonderland theme can be what you’re looking for.

Imagine a party that looks like a snow-covered just like in the movies. Now imagine having your Quinceanera on that scenery, beautiful! Don’t you think?

No matter that this is a “cold” theme, your party hasn’t to be a cold one so let’s start from the beginning


If we have to put colors to the winter, these would mainly be white, blue, red, silver, gold and green. Now you just have to decide how are you using them, we suggest that the main color of your party be the white and complete it with details in any other color.

Get inspiration from these dresses

The Dress

We don’t have to mention that a white princess cut dress with a full skirt is elegant enough for a winter wonderland party. If you want to give it a more dramatic effect wear a red cloak and long gloves.

Damas and Chambelanes outfits

The Court

Your damas and chambelanes are going to add a touch of color with their outfits. Depending on the color or colors that you want to combine with your white dress then will be the damas’ dresses and the chambelanes’ suits.

If you choose to wear the red cloak and gloves, what a better choice that your court wears red too. Another idea is that the damas wear dresses in different colors and coordinate them with the chambelanes neckties and vests.

Snowflakes, string lights, baby breath flowers, snow


If you want a spectacular winter wonderland decoration you must pay special attention to the details so you be able to transform the venue into a snowed landscape. First of all, make a list of all the ideas that come to your mind when you think of winter.

Some good ideas are snow, snowflakes, pine cones, dried trees, ice, crystals, candles, a fireplace. You can add many more things depending on the vision you have of your party.

There are several options for the centerpieces, either dried tree branches with snow and glass garlands hanging from them. Brass buckets painted in white or silver with red roses and gold or silver pine cones. Glass vases with floating candles always look good.

The baby breath flowers are perfect for a winter theme as they give the appearance of “snow”. Place baby breath in every corner of the room to add the winter wonderland look. Best of all, it is a cheap flower.

If you want to add more winter items to your decoration you can hang glitter covered snowflakes from the ceiling.

The Tree

Since you are having a winter wonderland Quinceanera there’s always the chance of having a Christmas tree as decoration. You can place it in a corner and it would be the perfect spot to take some pictures.

Imagine having a spot with a fireplace, a Christmas tree beautifully decorated and a hot chocolate bar that includes marshmallows and cookies. Perfect!

A white cake is perfect for a Winter Wonderland theme

The Cake

Speaking of cake taste it is always relative because each Quinceañera has an idea of how she wants her cake, however, we can say that a white cake is great for a winter wonderland party.

These are just some suggestions for more ideas visit our Pinterest board

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