Your dress color is the first thing people will notice about you the day of your quince party. Dressing can be a form of personal expression. Colors play an important role in our lives, they influence our mood and emotions.

Red:  Is the color of energy and the symbol of life. If you wear a red dress, it reflects that you are an empowered girl and have confidence in you. Red color evokes strength, power and creates visual impact. You like to express your opinion!

Orange:  Are you wearing an orange dress? It means you are creative, enthusiastic, positive, and ambitious. Orange color is associated with good things. You like to socialize and enjoy conversations with people. It is very easy for you to make new friends.

Yellow: You are a logical, happy, cheerful, perfectionist, analytical and optimistic person. Yellow color encourages intelligence and inspiration. It is the color of sunlight, laughter, happiness and optimism. That is the reason why Quinceaneras dressed in yellow are always so smiley!

Green: If you choose a green dress it means you are charismatic and care deeply about the feelings of others. Green is a calming color and relates with generosity. Wearing a green dress talks about your stability and the way you find the balance between warm and cool.

Blue: It is the world’s most preferred color. If your choice is a blue dress, you are honest, trustworthy, creative, positive, peaceful, loyal and always stay on the side of the truth. You also are smart, independent and think for yourself.

Purple: The color of royalty so obviously you will feel like a princess or a queen! You are intuitive, artistic, creative and have great instincts about people. When wearing a purple dress it shows your uniqueness.

Pink: Is associated with femininity, it is the color of love! If you are wearing a pink dress for your Quinceanera definitely you are romantic, gentle, sweet, tranquil, and love fairytales.

White: A white Quinceanera dress represents new beginnings; the transformation from a little girl into a young woman. You are innocent but courageous, organized and a detail-oriented person. Sincerity and confidence are part of your daily life.

Black: Black dresses are not that common for Quinceaneras, although they are not totally excluded to them. If you decide to wear a black dress it shows your authority, power, strength, and sophistication. The black color is related with security and elegance.

At the end, it doesn’t matter what color of the dress you wear, what it really matters is to stand for your values and who you really are.

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