It’s your big day, you are a princess, and you need a castle, well, in other words, you need the perfect venue to receive your guests! Choosing the venue is the most important step of your party planning process. There are many options from a golf club to a park, a hall, a hotel, even a library, or a museum! Can you imagine having your party at the museum? It can be a stressful mission, here we will give you some tips to make your search easier, and quicker doesn’t matter if you are looking for a grand ballroom or a fun and funky lounge.

The first thing you need to do is to write down your guests list. Once you have it ready, check it twice with the help of your parents. You will probably want to invite the whole town, but that would be very expensive! Invite only your nearest and dearest people. Know that you the number of guests, it’s time to visit some amazing venues.

Often venues offer great packages for Quinceaneras that include everything you need. The following are some useful questions to ask before hiring a venue services.

What does the fee include? Be sure to know what does each package include for the price they are giving you. Does it include full set-up tables? Security guards and waiters? Does it include cleaning services after the party? An all-inclusive package range from $500 to $1000.

Should I use their caterer service, or is it allowed to bring in outside food? Commonly food is included in the package but if you and your family are not convinced with what they are offering you can always look for other options.

What are the reception hours? Ask for the event duration, you don’t want to end your party when everybody is on the dance floor. Talk to the manager to see if he/she is comfortable with the schedule you chose.

Is there sufficient parking for all my guests? Do fees include a valet parking? Be aware of this issue, sometimes valet parking fees are not included in the party reception package.

Can I have a ceremony on site? It is very convenient to have the religious ceremony on site, this way people won’t have to travel from one place to another. But not all the venues have this service. If you are looking to have a ceremony at the same place of the party, be sure they provide this service.

Is it allowed to bring entertainment? Ask the manager if you can bring in your Mariachi or DJ. Is there enough space to place the instruments or speakers? Also, ask if entertainment is included in the package they are offering.

And the most important thing, is the date I set available? Try to reserve on with at least six months and try to do it in months not that popular. Probably you will have to be flexible about the date. You can save if you set your party on Friday or Sunday; venues offer a discount on those days. Saturday is the most popular day for parties.

Letting the venue take care of everything is very helpful, stress will be less as you have more time to focus on other things. But is the truth that sometimes you can save hiring separate services. Just to give you an idea an all-inclusive package will include:

  • Full set tables (tablecloths, silverware, china, linen napkins)
  • Head table, gift table and cake table.
  • Sweet Stations
  • Buffet Style service including beverages
  • Waiter and Security Staff
  • Flowers
  • Lighting
  • DJ services
  • Rental for 8 hours
  • Full clean up services

So whatever it is your decision, I’m sure you’ll get the fabulous castle you deserve!

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