Choosing the accessories that you will use in your Quinceanera shouldn’t have to be stressful.

The first step before choosing your accessories is to have your dress ready because without it is almost impossible to pick the rest of the outfit.

Your goal should be a coordinated look combining your accessories with your dress and not vice versa.

Tiaras have been associated with royalty forever and are very popular among Quinceañeras since they want to look and feel like princesses.

The second step is to have at least an idea about your hairstyle because is not the same wearing a tiara with an updo than wearing it with loose curls.

Finding the perfect tiara is not just about the one that harmonizes with the color and the elements of your dress, but also the one that fits well with your face type.

Haven’t you think about that issue? Your face type has a lot to do when picking the right tiara for you.

If your face is round: You need to make your face look longer so you must choose a tiara that has a higher peak.

If your face is long: Choose tiaras that are not that high and that extends from side to side of the head at the same height.

If your face is oval: You have to avoid tiaras with tall or very sharp peaks. It’s best to look for asymmetrical pieces that add more volume to the sides.

The tiaras come in different sizes, your tiara should not be higher than three inches because instead of looking like a Quinceañera you’ll look like a beauty pageant contestant and we don’t want that, right?

Depending on the color of the dress then you will choose the color of the tiara. The most popular are gold and silver but there are tiaras that come in girly colors like pink and purple.

For light colors like light blue, light pink or white, the best thing is to wear a silver tiara since it combines very well.

For a yellow and beige hues, choose a golden tiara.

Dark colors match well with both golden and silver tiaras, everything depends on the beading or ornaments they have in.

Remember that your accessories must be in harmony with the dress. The dress embroidery or beading should match your tiara’s details.

For example, if your dress has pearls on it choose a tiara with pearls instead of one with crystals. If your dress has flowers, a tiara with flower details will be fine.

If your dress is very simple and plain with no embroidery or decorations, wear a tiara with crystals and no more.

It is important that you try on the dress and the tiara together to convince yourself how do they together. Neither of the two pieces has to overwhelm the other.

It is also important that before the day of the party try different hairstyles with the tiara on so you’re completely convinced of the look you want for your Quinceanera.

The girls with short hair look absolutely beautiful wearing a tiara. If this is your case, choose a small light tiara that doesn’t need too much work to keep it in place.

You can also opt for a headband with ornaments that make it look like a tiara.

Keep your tiara in a safe place along with other accessories where they can’t mistreat or get scratched before the day of your party.
After following these safe tips you’ll look like a true princess on your Quinceanera day.

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