A good regimen of skin care is essential for beautiful skin free of oil, blackheads, and blemishes. This is especially important for teens because they are more likely to have these problems.

But wait there’s nothing to worry about! An effective routine skin care is easy to implement, just need the right products for your skin type and the correct techniques to apply them.

This time we’ll talk about how to keep your skin hydrated this season. We’re a half way the fall and are already feeling the effects of weather on the skin. Have you noticed that your skin is a bit dry lately? That is what we mean!

You might think that the solution is getting a thicker cream to relieve that part of the skin that is peeling but the truth is that kind cream does not help much to keep your face free from oils and pimples.

So what to do? Here are the best ways to moisturize your skin to look fantastic and remain like that until the end of winter.

The first thing is to keep your skin as free as possible of heavy products. By this, we mean that you should remove any makeup before going to bed and wash your face with a light cleanser.

It is not necessary to repeat the procedure in the morning and you don’t want to remove all the natural oils from your skin that allow your skin stay hydrated. If you keep your face clean you won’t have to worry about pimples.

For your moisturizer really work it is necessary to remove the dead cells from the skin surface. Once a week use a soft exfoliant to get rid of that layer of dead cells exfoliate. Now your moisturizer can penetrate your skin.

Check out the label of your moisturizer and any other product. Ingredients like petrolatum and even some natural oils such as coconut can be very greasy and clog the pores.

Choose a moisturizer that contains glycerin or hyaluronic acid which hold water on your skin helping to remain it soft and smooth and of course hydrated.

Avoid using too much product on your skin. Although it seems that you need to apply layers of cream, spreading more cream on your skin doesn’t mean that it will increase hydration.

In fact, if you use too much cream your skin won’t be able to absorb all the excess leaving the surface of your face just looking greasy. Start by applying a small amount with your fingertips and continue with more as necessary.

Most girls make the mistake to start applying the moisturizer from the center of the face and then spreading it sideways.The truth is that this only leaves  the product in the T-zone which is more likely to be shiny.

To avoid this greasy appearance first apply the moisturizer around your face and then bring it back in.

Another tip is that during the cold months when skin tends to dry, add a few drops of facial oil to your moisturizer. Besides increasing moisture, it will help to seal your skin to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Remember that you only need a few drops in the driest spots on the skin.

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