Every Quinceañera dreams of having a lifetime memory of her party and what better to remember than the photos of that special day.

Surely the photographer you hire will take the traditional pictures in the church, with your family, with your court, at the party, etc.

A walk to remember

Those pictures are fine and they look very nice but why don´t take some photos that capture those moments that come from the heart?

Those times when everybody shows their feelings?

We love the idea that you take pictures in the outdoors, they look very natural, real and also the scenery is free!

There are amazing places where you can make a very original photo session, however, we hope that with these ideas you can get some photos of your Quinceanera that remain there engraved on your heart.

During the party ask the photographer to capture those unexpected moments, without poses, those moments that reflect your essence and your happiness on this special day.

Missing somebody

We don’t deny that the pictures taken at different times of the party are pretty, they are, and probably you will have an album full of them, but believe me that these photos will be special.

These are the type of photos you that you want to frame and hang in your bedroom. These photos will be worth going out in a Quinceanera magazine!

Also asked the photographer to take pictures of your guests, your friends, photos of the reaction of the people during Mass, for example, if someone is really moved to tears, or the reaction of the little girls when you cut the cake.

All these photos will be more humane and will reflect your party in other ways, not only as the Quinceañera posing for photos.

Print your photos in black and white or sepia, this will give them a more personal touch.

Ask the photographer to send you the photos as digital files so that you can share them with your family and friends through your social networks.

They will be happy when they receive pictures of them that they weren’t expecting, not just yours.

A picture that you didn’t notice were taken


People moved to tears at the Mass

Sharing a moment

With your loved one

Your chambelanes in a casual talk

A pensive mother

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