As expected, the presence of the chambelan in the Quinceanera can not miss. According to tradition, the court of the Quinceañera is formed by seven chambelanes and seven damas.

One of the chambelanes is chosen by the Quinceanera as her main chambelan.

However, at present, this rule is not always followed and sometimes only the chambelanes accompany the Quinceañera or it could be only the damas.

The chambelan has the duty to pose with the Quinceanera during the photo session

What never changes is the fact that the main chambelan will be present on this special day for the Quinceañera.

The word chambelan comes from France and refers to the noble who accompanied and attended the king signing letters and documents.

The chambelan had under his guard the secret seal, he was in charge to receive ambassadors and preparing ceremonies.

The Quinceanera often asks somebody close to her as her main chambelan

As you can realize, the great or main chambelan played an important role back in those times of royalty. And making a comparison with the current situation, the chambelan involved in the Quinceanera celebration, has the honor to accompany the Quinceañera on that special day.

The Quinceanera’s parents and the Quinceanera herself trust the chambelan to take care of her and stay by her side throughout the evening.

For this, the chambelan must make reciprocal that trust and put everything on his part so that the Quinceanera feels like a real princess the day of her party.

The chambelan wears the outfit that the Quinceanera chooses for him

Then, that’s why the main chambelan must meet the following requirements once he has been chosen and he has accepted the role:

1. Attend each of the rehearsals and by this, we mean both dances and of religious ceremony rehearsals.

2. Wear the outfit that the Quinceanera has chosen for him (course, with his consent) and presented properly dress the day of the party.

3. Accompany the Quinceanera at all times to introduce her to the guests.

4. Guide her, accompany her and mark perfectly the dancing steps during the waltz.

5. Sometimes the chambelan writes a speech for the Quinceanera. If the chambelan knows the Quinceañera long ago it will not be difficult at all. The speech will flow easily.

6. His duty as the main chambelan is to be available throughout the celebration to be with side by side to the Quinceanera but without overwhelming her.

7. Posing with the Quinceanera during the photo session.

8. Stay until the end of the party.

The chambelan guide the Quinceanera through the waltz

Generally, the main chambelan is someone very close to the Quinceanera either a brother, cousin or relative. It can also be the case that he is her best friend from childhood, school or a neighbor.

Being the main chamberlain someone close to the Quinceanera has many benefits as she will feel comfortable with him around at all times and there is trust and communication to express what he or she likes or dislikes.

Even if you have a crush on a boy, this may be the opportunity you’re expecting to ask him to be your chambelan and spend some time in his company!

At the end, the role of the main chambelan is to play the role of Prince Charming and make the Quinceañera feel like a princess.

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