Girls love jewelry, not for nothing is said that diamonds are the best friends of women.

This is the reason why gifting a piece of jewelry to a Quinceañera is a good idea as it is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Now, it is important to recognize that not all jewelry looks well according to the age of the girl, there are some too ostentatious.

That’s why we decided to focus on Swarovski crystals which have nice jewelry for Quinceañeras

The Swarovski brand produces luxury items made of glass.

The range of Swarovski crystals includes sculptures, miniature crystals for jewelry and couture, decoration and rhinestones that are similar to diamond stones.

Let’s take a look to some of the gifts you can give to the Quinceañera.

Swarovski Crystals Rosary: 

It is a nice touch to give the Quinceañera the rosary she will use during the Thanksgiving Mass.

Generally, the beads are made of silver and Swarovski crystals in a bold color such as blue, pink or maroon.

Rosaries cost about $70 although some can be more expensive.

Swarovski Pendant Cross Necklace:

Crosses pendants are for life. A cross shaped pendant is elegant and has a very special meaning.

The charms are accompanied by a matching silver chain.

You can buy it directly at the site of Swarovski and prices vary from $64 to$169.

Birthstone Pendant Necklace: 

The charms with the birthstone are sold directly online on the website of Swarovski.

It is priced at $99 and there is one for each month of the year.

This may be one of the best gifts you can give a Quinceañera.

Swarovski Earrings:

In a matter of earrings, there is an extensive catalog where you can choose from. They can be a pretty pair of studs or a pair of long earrings.

Everything depends on what the Quinceañera likes. Prices of earrings range from $ 30 up to $ 350.

Shimmer Tea Light: This Swarovski piece of decoration is made up of hundreds of crystals.

Just light the candle, and the small crystals will shine throughout the room creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

Candles come in 9 different colors and are priced at $ 49.

Swarovski Key Ring: There are several models of key chains, choose one that combines with the personality of the Quinceañera.

A key chain is something she will carry every day with her so you better choose well! Prices range from $49 to $89 the staple Swarovski Swan one.

Swarovski Ring: You can choose a classic cut ring or a set of modern rings that she can wear together or separately.

The simplest ring cost around $40 and the most ostentatious cost up to $350.

Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pen: This pen is a favorite from the Swarovski collection and is a cute gift for the Quinceañera.

The pen has about 1,300 crystals that make a nice contrast with the pen color. It is available in 9 colors and is priced at $ 35.

Phone Case: If you are planning to give a Swarovski phone case to the Quinceañera, first get the facts of her cell model so you won’t have to change it later.

If the Quinceanera really likes shiny, you definitely have to give her a “Glam Rock Incase”. The price covers range from $ 49 to $ 79.

USB Key: A 4GB USB key is an ideal gift for that kind of girl who likes to be fashionable. I

It has 140 crystals, silver and metallic details. It is available in fuchsia, silver, pink and black. You can buy it for a price of $ 59.

We are sure that with any of these gifts you will make the Quinceanera very happy!

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