You have already rehearsed and everything is ready for your Quinceanera waltz, now it is time to decide what you’re going to dance at your surprise dance. The decision may be a little difficult because surely there are many different rhythms and songs that you would like to dance.

By this time you probably are wondering where do you start? The answer is simple: start by choosing the music genre you like and the one that goes according to your personality.

Let’s review some of the most popular music genres among Quinceañeras:

Pop: This genre is always trending and it often includes our favorite artists both from past decades as Madonna or modern generations like Katy Perry. Pop music is a very good choice as a genre for your surprise dance.

It is very versatile and gives you a wide range for your choreography.

Pop is one of the most popular genres

Hip Hop: Hip hop is not such thing as a simple dance although choreographies look spectacular. If you decide on this kind of genre you will have to rehearse hard but the result will be fantastic.

Some of the artists who excel in this genre are Rihanna, Usher, and Ciara.

Hip hop choreographies are not that easy

Reggaeton: It is very popular today and your friends would love to watch a reggaeton dance but your parents may not like some of the steps since they are very provocative. Check with them before choosing this genre. Pitbull, Daddy Yankee and Chino y Nacho are representing reggaeton artists.

Reggaeton steps are very provocative

Banda: If what you like is the norteña music then the banda is the perfect choice for you. What a better opportunity to demonstrate your skill in dancing it? You can even do a remix with songs of your favorite bands like La Banda el Recodo and La Original Banda El Limón.

Demonstrate your dancing skills

Musical or movie: If you’re a fan of movies and musicals this idea is great for you. Also if your party is themed a specific time as the 20s or 60s you can include music from Grease, Gatsby or Chicago. If you want something more modern choosing something from High School Musical or Glee is another great alternative.

Take the screen musical straight to your party

Salsa, Bachata or Merengue: As good Latinas as we are it seems we carry these rhythms in blood and at the first moment, music sounds our body starts to dance. Many Quinceañeras choose to make a mix of these Latin rhythms and thus give a taste of each to their guests and set up the party atmosphere.

Quinceaneras like Latin rhythms

If you can not decide for a specific genre and if you like more than one,  ask a DJ or a choreographer to help you put together a medley that includes a bit of everything.

Once you have chosen the genre you want for your surprise dance hire the services of a choreographer to help you prepare your dance. Now the only thing you need is to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse!

Surprise your guests with a colorful and original choreography while you are the most important person on stage.

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