So, your Quinceañera day is almost here. You have chosen the party theme, invitations are sent, and favors are ready, now it’s the dress turn! The most difficult and important part of the Quinceañera party:  choosing the dress!

There are hundreds of dresses in the market, all kind of styles, colors and sizes. Many young ladies have dreamed with their dress since they were little girls. But when the time to pick your dress arrive, it is not that easy.

Where do start? Becoming a Quinceañera means the presentation of the young lady to society, that’s why it is a big deal. Don’t you think so? Choosing the perfect dress can give you a headache! You will need lots of patience.

The questions begin, what should I pick, a traditional dress or a modern dress? A white dress, a pink one, or maybe a rainbow one?Should I choose a dress with ruffles, or lace, maybe some pearls on it? What about a long one, floor length, or a nice short dress? Wow, choosing the perfect Quinceañera dress can be overwhelming!

Okay, don’t panic. First of all, you need to establish a budget (well, your parents) and once you have it, let’s the searching begins! Quinceañera dresses can cost from $300 to $900, that’s why knowing our budget is so important. A good advice is just to try on dresses on your budget. You don’t want to fall in love with a dress that you can’t afford. That could be frustrating.

You turn fifteen once in your life, and you need to have in mind what kind of dress you want. When you look for your Quinceañera dress, you must look for a dress that will show your personality, who you are. Choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable wearing it, a dress that allows you to move and dance through the whole party.

Traditional Quinceañeras dresses are often white or pale pink, these days you can find dresses in every single color of the palette. There are zebra prints, leopard prints, rainbow dresses, golden and silver. If you are not a traditional girl, you can try something flashier.

Now let’s talk about shapes. It will be better if you choose a dress according to your body shape. There are different styles:

-Ball gown: which is the traditional one. This is the kind of dress that makes you look like a princess. It consists of a fitted bodice and a full skirt.

-A-line: It is very similar to the ball gown dress, but the skirt resembles an uppercase A. This kind of dress is great for all body types.

-Modified A-line: Also an A-line dress, but, in this case, the bodice extends to the hips. The skirt resembles an uppercase A too.

-Trumpet: This dress is great for petite ladies. The bodice is fitted until mid-thigh and the skirt flares to the bottom.

-Mermaid: it is very similar to the trumpet style, but the skirt flares at the knee length. It is excellent for petite ladies.

-Sheath: If you wish to look like a star in the runway, this is the one! This dress contours the body flowing from the neckline to the bottom.

-Tea length: The length of this dress ends between the knee and the ankles. If you want to show your Quinceañera shoes, this is a great option. It is perfect for tall girls.

-Mini: Last but not least is the mini dress. If you are a petite-type, a mini dress could be a great option. The skirt length ends above the knees. If you want to try something different you should consider a mini dress!

You have chosen a dress style and a color, now it’s time to try them on. You are excited about the experience, and suddenly there you are, sitting in a fitting room, surrounded by dresses and after an hour you can’t decide. One more advice, if you try a lot of dresses, it will be very harder to choose. Instead, try just a few of them.

Turn the experience of buying your dress unforgettable. Remember the following things: Stick to your budget (it doesn’t have to be expensive to be fabulous), choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable and pretty. Don’t try hundred of dresses, if you have an idea of what you want, trying a few ones should be enough. And the last thing to remember is, enjoy the whole experience!

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