It is time to decide what you want for your 15th birthday and the truth is that having a Quinceanera party is not your thing. Why don’t you want a Quinceanera party? Are you sure? It turns that it’s true, you’re positive and what you want in reality and what you’ve always dreamed is to make a trip.

If you are one of those girls who think that spend a good sum of money on a trip is better than spend it on a party that lasts only one day this article may interest you. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why it is worth having a Quinceanera and how to take advantage to the fullest.


When you’re young you are always looking for adventures and what a better adventure that traveling with a group of girls your age! Traveling allows you that, having adventures that will stay with you forever and ever.

Knowing Other Parts of the World

Whether you travel abroad or within the country, traveling gives you the opportunity to learn new thing about cities or countries you never had never been. Imagine walking the streets of New York or visiting the Eiffel Tower! It will be a unique experience.

Learning About Other Cultures.

When you travel to another country, one is immersed in the cultural richness of the country. A common example of this is the cuisine. You will agree with me that it’s not the same eating a pizza in the United States than try it in Italy! When you travel you learn from the traditions and customs of different places and that is priceless.

Making New friends.

When traveling with a group of girls from different parts of the country the experience will allow you to make new friends who may endure for all life. You can also meet new people abroad and who knows even you can meet a handsome guy!

Experiencing Independence.

Usually, Quinceañeras trips don’t include parents or relatives but trip organizers are in charge of taking care of the girls. When the girls make these kind of trips, they begin to experience the sense of independence and responsibility. In some cases they will have to make their own decisions as in how they want to spend their money and how to behave in various situations.

Knowing Fashion.

When you travel to places like New York, Paris or Milan you can come into direct contact with the latest fashion trends. These fashion photos and walkways you see in magazines are no longer that, photos, and transformed into images of daily life. When you return from your trip you will bring with you the latest in fashion and you’ll be a set-trender among your friends.

Open Horizons

Traveling allows you to see beyond the city where you live. The world is bigger than it looks and traveling lets you discover that, cross borders and see that life doesn’t resume just to the town where you were born or have spent your whole life. Traveling also allows you to dream about visiting places that you haven’t imagined yet.

So, if you want an unforgettable experience for your Quinceañera, decide on a trip and enjoy it to the fullest.

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