For many years the waltz was the only dance that was used during the celebration of the Quinceanera. However, today’s trend among Quinceaneras is to have a surprise dance.

The surprise dance is a moment that Quinceañeras enjoy very much as it is considered a performance. For the surprise dance, the Quinceañera changes her attire and dances with her court (chambelanes, damas or both).

Generally, the surprise dance is a combination of music from different genres ranging from pop to Latin rhythms like merengue and salsa.

If your budget allows it, a good idea is to hire a choreographer since this is the right way to ensure that your presentation will be exceptional. Nowadays, there are many choreographers who are dedicated to working with Quinceañeras and they already have many years of experience preparing the girls for their surprise dance.

Ask your friends who already have had their Quinceañera for recommendations. It is always good to know you’re hiring the best professional and that you are in good hands.

By hiring a choreographer you can be sure that your presentation will be unique and customized according to what you want and need. A two session costs about $100. One of the best options is to get a package, they range from a price of $ 450 for 5 two-hour practices to $900 for 11 two-hour practices. Packages may include choreography, music editing and assistance of the choreographer the day of your party.

Once the choreographer has taught the dance steps to you and your court, practice and rehearse them as many times as possible. This will allow you to memorize the steps to perfection. Gather in the evenings or in your spare time and rehearse again and again until the choreography is perfectly mastered.

The combination of varied rhythms allows you to make your surprise dance a dynamic and fun presentation. Presenting your surprise dance can be as short or long as you prefer. You can make a musical journey through your favorite genres and/or songs.

As soon as you have ready your outfit that you will be using for your surprise dance, rehearse with it days before the party. It is very common that the Quinceañera opt for flat shoes to make it easier to dance. However, if you are dancing wearing heels then try to dance with them as much as possible to avoid any mishap the day of your party.

Make sure your clothing is comfortable and allows you to dance with ease. There are Quinceañeras that has several outfit changes during the presentation of her surprise dance.

The surprise dance is one of the moments of the party that the Quinceañera enjoys the most, those are the moments where all eyes are on her and she is receiving all the attention while having fun with her friends.

The surprise dance is performed just after the Quinceañera waltz with her father, her family members and chambelanes. This presentation gives an unexpected turn to the traditional celebration of the Quinceanera

We can say it is an unforgettable experience for the Quinceañera!

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