Finally, summer season arrives and it’ll be here for the next three months. Sun, beach, longer days and guess what? Your Quinceanera party! It’s time to take a look the summer trends for Quinceaneras.

Summer is the season of bold and bright colors, aquatic blues and greens are the key color schemes combined with orange and sandy yellow accents. Choose a bold color for your party and complement the decoration with bright accents. Add color accents in the napkins, the centerpieces, the invitations, and the cake.

There are many Quinceanera themes for summer season, some of the most popular are: Under the Sea Theme, Beach Party Theme, Hawaiian Theme, Mermaid (Ariel) Theme, Miami Theme, Pool Party Theme.

The style trends for this summer are feminine and delicate. Since the weather is too hot, the makeup should be minimum and natural. We recommend peach tones and no foundation at all, leave the bright colors for the nails. Give your hair a summer style with beach waves and delicate accents like a starfish hair clip or if you prefer to wear your hair up and adorn it with crystal pieces.

Step away from bulky and heavy dresses instead, choose a shorter dress. You will feel comfortable wearing a knee-length dress even more if your reception is on the beach. Shorter dresses are great for hot weather, ruffles and lace are in this summer. Consider a floral print, crystals, beading and light fabrics. Wear high heels or sandals with your short dress.

If you have the option, pick an outdoor venue. It will make the best of your party. Outdoor venues offer more space and the opportunity to enjoy the summer weather and long days. Decor the place according to the theme you have chosen.

The menu must consist of fresh food instead of something hot and spicy. Salad and fruit bars are great for summer. Seafood is delicious but careful! A lot of people is allergic to seafood, so if you decide to serve it have an alternative dish just in case. And of course, don’t forget about the drinks, your guests will appreciate the fruit punch, lemonade, and cold sodas.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the favors, some ideas are a pair of nice sunglasses, a beach ball, a jar filled with seashells, a shea butter hand or body lotion.

Enjoy your Summer Quinceanera Party!

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