Photographs are everlasting memories and of course every Quinceanera wants to have beautiful pictures to remember her party and that special day.

If you count with a budget for pictures, hiring a photographer to capture those special moments is a very good idea, that way you won’t have to worry about taking pictures. Nowadays, there are many different ways to keep a record of your party, like classic photo albums, digital photos, or Full HD video.

Today’s trend is taking amazing pictures at places that you wouldn’t ever imagine. Make your photo shoot an unforgettable experience. Talk to your photographer several months before the event. The photographer should have knowledge of your Quinceanera theme, tell him/her about your personality and what you like, this will give the photographer a better idea of what you are looking for.

You will have to make some important decisions about your photographs styles and sizes; maybe you want something vintage, chic, country or urban. Elegant black and white pictures, full color or sepia. Inside or exterior pictures, day or night, posters or portraits, close-up or panoramic, with your court and family.

Then you will have to choose an extraordinary setting for your photo shoot; the house where you grew, a beach, a vineyard, a museum, a cinema, the sky’s the limit! Incorporate objects that reflect your personality, balloons, flowers, even your dog!

Here are some suggestions of the pictures you MUST have:

  • Prep Shots: Picture of your dress, your shoes, your tiara, your jewelry, your makeup, a picture with mom helping you to get ready.
  • Mass Shots: Pictures at the religious ceremony (if you have one), with your court and parents at the entrance of the church. A picture of you entering the church.
  • Party Shots: You arriving in your limo, your cake, the centerpieces, you and your friends dancing, waltz time.

The cost of a photography package can be between $600 and $1600. It includes a photographer for 7 hours, unlimited digital photos, 300 photos ready to print, a complimentary portrait session. Pick quality over quantity, perhaps you don’t need so many pictures but the great ones.

Another new trending among Quinceaneras is to have their own movie, in other words, a cinematic record as a blu-ray. Two or three cameras are used with this technique to provide a Full HD image. The video includes audio, original music, and voices of your relatives and friends. The photographer will hand you a blu-ray disc and you can ask for many copies as you want.

If your budget is low, another great idea is to put disposable cameras on every table, this way you can substitute a photographer and save money. Make your guests become your personal photographers. Later you can choose the pictures you like most, print and frame them. That sounds like a lot of fun!

You can also create a digital album about your Quinceanera party and share it with your family and friends on your social media accounts. Make a contest to vote for the best picture. The winner could receive a prize for capturing the best shot of your special day.

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