There you are, standing at the entrance of the church; it looks gorgeous with the big wreath of beautiful white roses decorating it. The first glance of your special day that guests get to see is the church entrance.

Every Quinceanera needs a bouquet, and every Quinceanera needs flowers as decorations. Now the question, should I get natural, preserved or artificial flowers? Well, the answer to that question will be: it’s all about the budget (everything is about the budget!). If you don’t have restrictions on the budget, you can have natural flowers at the church, big centerpieces for the tables, an outstanding arrangement for the main table at the reception and, of course, your bouquet. If your budget is limited, don’t worry you still can get flowers in your party even some fresh ones.

Natural flowers are more expensive than artificial ones, but they look beautiful and spread a wonderful aroma. Daisies and carnations are less expensive than roses and orchids. Although roses are one of the most popular flowers for Quinceanera parties, hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, and white lilies are good options too. Tulips are beautiful, but their price is higher than others.

If you are getting natural flowers, a tip to save money is to choose seasonal flowers and preferably locally grown flowers. They are cheaper than imported flowers. Talking to a florist will help you make a decision.

Flowers are needed to decorate the church, so another good thing is to reuse them. You can use the same decorations from church to decorate the hall where the party is taking place. At the end of the religious ceremony, you can take ornaments with you, after all, there’s no reason to leave them at church.

Is your party a traditional one? Then choose white or pale pink flowers. Is your party a modern one? Options are infinite!

Beautiful roses

Now let’s talk about your bouquet. Quinceanera bouquets are handmade and can be customized in your theme colors. Roses are one of the best options since they can be dyed in any color you want to match your dress. The Quinceanera bouquet is not as big as a bride bouquet. The price of a Quinceanera bouquet made from fresh flowers can vary from $35 to $110.

If you choose fresh flowers for your bouquet, you can get them decorated with ribbons, feathers or rhinestones. Preserved flowers undergo an intricate special process that helps to keep the flowers color and quality. Handling them with care and keeping them away from the sun and humid places can make preserved flowers last for years. But if you want to keep your Quinceanera bouquet forever, then silk flowers are the best. There are high-quality flowers in the market that look like the real ones. Another advantage of choosing silk flowers is that you won’t have to worry about the season, the weather or where they come from.

One more thing you have to take care of is the centerpiece. Are you a crafty girl? Well, this is your opportunity to use all your creativity making the centerpieces for your guests’ tables.

For an affordable price, you can create beautiful centerpieces using materials from a dollar store. Pay a visit to your local dollar store and get silk flowers, crystal vases, pebbles, candles or anything you need according to your theme. There are tons of ideas on the web that you can do easily. It will be fun to gather with your friends and make this project together. You will want one centerpiece per table and a bigger one for your main table. The money you save in the centerpieces can be used in your shoes or cake! At the end of the party guests can take the centerpieces as a party favor.

It doesn’t matter if they are natural, preserved or artificial flowers, they will make your party look chic and elegant for sure.

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