Quinceaneras have many similarities with brides, one of them is the bouquet. Both brides and Quinceaneras carry a bouquet on their special day.

The bouquet is another accessory and it is an important piece that the Quinceanera will wear during her photo session and during the religious ceremony.

Usually,the bouquet combines with the whole theme of the party, either with colors or with certain elements that are added to it. Therefore it is important to pay great detail in the choice of this.

The Traditional Bouquet

It is made with natural flowers, the Quinceanera classic bouquet is made of fifteen roses representing the age of the young girl.

However, roses are no longer the most popular and have given way to countless flowers of all kinds. Nowadays bouquets include gerberas, tulips, sunflowers, daisies, peonies and more.

Many Quinceaneras choose to carry an artificial bouquet to keep later as a souvenir. Consider that natural bouquets are sometimes more expensive than those made with artificial flowers.

Sometimes the Quinceaneras choose to have two bouquets, one that will keep forever and the other one to offer it in the church to the Virgin of Guadalupe in gratitude of having reached the first fifteen years of life according to tradition.

The Modern Bouquet

In these days there are some very unique bouquets that can include all kinds of items such as rhinestones, pearls, lace, beads, feathers, and brooches just to mention a few. These can cost hundreds of dollars!

The damas of the Quinceanera also carry a bouquet that is often the same between them but different and smaller than the Quinceanera’s one.

As you can tell, carrying a bouquet not only has to do with fashion and style, but also has a special meaning and is a key part of your Quinceanera celebration.

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