Only once in your life, you will turn fifteen and if you come from a Mexican family, the Mariachi can not miss in your party. Years ago, before DJs existed and became popular and before there was so much technology, the Mariachi was in charge of livening Quinceaneras and nothing else were needed.

For us Latinos, the Mariachi is part of our identity and we are deeply attached to their sound. You’ve probably been at a party where you have listened to a Mariachi and in which the guests were excited and sing to the tunes played by the Mariachi.

Are you thinking to get a Mariachi for your Quinceanera?

If you are thinking of hiring a Mariachi for your Quinceanera it is best to book them a few months in advance as this ensure availability for the day you need it. Of course, there are Mariachi packages specially designed for Quinceaneras and the cost depends on the number of hours they will play.

Mariachi playing instruments and singing

Often a Mariachi is hired only to perform a determined number of songs like the traditional “Las Mañanitas” or just to play during the waltz. Sometimes no matter what her parents want, the Quinceañera also wants to enjoy and dance modern music with her friends while a DJ performs.

On the other hand, the Mariachi is also hired to play for one, two or three hours (even more). The Mariachi repertoire is usually very extensive. A Mariachi can play a variety of rhythms and styles that represent the traditional Mexican music and Latin American folklore.

A Mariachi plays from romantic boleros, rancheras, cha-cha, cumbias to huapangos. Surely they know that song that you like!

Few Mariachi members for a small space

If within your guests are people from other cultures, a good idea to consider is to hire a Mariachi that not only plays music in Spanish but may include some songs in English so that your guests will not feel weird or excluded. Imagine having a Mariachi playing Rock and Roll!

It would be good to ask for references among your friends about a Mariachi they know and they have contracted before. The Mariachi you hire should be responsible, be on time and appropriately and neatly dressed.

If you don’t have space issues…

Surely you won’t find difficult to hire a Mariachi regardless the city where you are because there are many Mariachis throughout the whole country.

To be sure you’re hiring the best Mariachi for your Quinceanera asks them to play a bit of something that you like. There’s nothing like listening to them playing live to make the right decision.

Listen to Las Mañanitas

Another thing that is important to consider is the size of the place where your party will take place because if it is not so big is best to hire a Mariachi with few members. On the contrary, if you have no space problem or budget, the more members and instruments the better!

Make a list of your favorite songs you want to include in your party so you can give it with time to Mariachi and ask them to play those songs especially.

Here we leave some suggestions of songs that you might like:

“De Niña a Mujer”

“Es la Mujer”

“Cielo Rojo”

“Besame Morenita”

“El Mariachi Loco”

“Paloma Negra”

“El Aventurero”

“Quince Primaveras”

“Ha Llegado un Ángel”

“Te lo Pido por favor”

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