You have decided that you want to arrive at your party with style and lately you have been hearing so much about party buses. Perhaps it would be a good option, however, you haven’t decided yet whether rent a limo or a party bus is best for you.

How can you know which is the best option?

Well, here we are going to talk a little about the differences between them and the advantages and disadvantages that can come with each one of them.

A limo can hold a small group of people

The classic limousine is usually used to transport a small group of people in a relaxed atmosphere. They are excellent for travel only with your family or with the members of your court. It is always good to consider two or three more people than they really are so that everybody travels comfortably, especially the Quinceañera wearing her dress.

The biggest difference between the limo and a party bus is that the latter will be more spacious and it can hold more people. A limousine is practically an enlarged car but has the disadvantage of not having high ceilings so passengers can only travel seated.

Party bus is bigger and people travel comfortably

The party bus provides the same luxury than a limousine plus enough room to move and to dance comfortably. Party buses include a flat television, flashing lights, a bar (in the case of Quinceañeras, drinks are nonalcoholic), music and in some cases a pole dance.

The bus allows you to celebrate as a famous celebrity, it gives a feeling of a nightclub.

Both, limo and party bus provides amenities

On the other hand, the experience of traveling by limousine comes to luxury and elegance. If you want to be accompanied by your family or your closest friends this is the best option. During the journey to the place of your party, you can share stories of your childhood and the changes that are coming with your Quinceanera.

If you are traveling from home to the church and from church to the hall what best suits you is a limousine.

Start your party on a bus

In the case of a party bus, we can say that your party starts the minute you and your friends get on the bus. It’s all about the music, the lights, and the dancing.

But if you rent a limo to your destination the trip will be much quieter. Some limousines have the option of opening a sunroof so you and your friends can enjoy the ride while admiring the city.

Sightseeing the city

Now let’s talk a little about the costs. The prices for a limo range from $ 150 hr to $250/hr, depending on the day and number of passengers. Party bus costs can range from $175/hr to $295/hr depending also on the number of passengers and the city.

Obviously, the bus is a little more expensive but it is also true that fits more people in it and everything depends on what you want and need.

Although here we provide hourly costs, many rentals offer packages for Quinceañeras and we are sure you’ll find that right for your needs.

Any of these vehicles gives you privacy and luxury. A the end of the day the opinion of the Quinceañera (and their parents) is the only one that matters.

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