Since ancient times gemstones have been associated with the birth date. These stones or gems are called birthstones.

It is common that when mothers give birth, the father gives her a pendant or a bracelet with the birthstone of the baby.

You can incorporate your birthstone in one of your accessories that you will wear the day of your Quinceanera.

Whether in a ring, a bracelet, a pendant or earrings, keep it close to you.

Do you know which is your birthstone? Here we are going to tell you what birthstone is associated with each month, their meaning and we will give you some ideas on how to wear them.

Garnet earrings

January – Garnet

The most common garnet is the red one. If you have the garnet as birthstone you tend to be a mix of analytical and compassionate.

These people are able to bring order from chaos in the blink of an eye.

Amethyst pendant

February – Amethyst

Its purple color makes it quite striking. How are the people carrying amethysts? Deeply spiritual, gentle and project peace.

Sometimes they have a reputation of being eccentric.

Aquamarine ring

March – Aquamarine

As its name indicates, this stone has always been associated with the ocean. It is associated with youth and vitality.

These people inspire honesty to those who are around them.

Their communication skills are top of the charts.

Diamond studs

April – Diamond

Diamond is the quintessential gem. It symbolizes love, strength,and sincerity, it is the stone of love. Were you born in April?

Then you are almost invincible, brave, and you can get up any hitch. Sometimes you can be stubborn.

Emerald pendant

May – Emerald

The emerald color is the symbol of life and nature.

If your birthstone is the emerald you are one of those people who likes having her family together.

You’re also known for making harmonious matches among your friends.

Pearl earrings

June – Pearl

Pearls are historically associated with innocence and magical powers. As the aquamarine, the pearl comes from the ocean.

People wearing pearls are naive, romantic, and have a great love for animals.

Ruby ring

July – Ruby

Ruby has an intense color that has been associated with fire. If your birthstone is the ruby you are adventurous and love fun.

You are a very emotional person and you care too much for others.

Peridot Bracelet

August – Peridot

The peridot is a gem with shades of green and brown.

Is your birthstone the peridot?

Then you are very friendly, and you like to make new friends under any circumstances, even an unexpected encounter can lead you to a friend for life.

Saphire pendant

September – Sapphire

The sapphire with its beautiful dark blue color is the stone for those born in September.

If your birthstone is the sapphire then you are creative, innovative, calm and intelligent.

You don’t lack it kindness, but you don’t open your heart to anyone.

Opal earrings

October – Opal

Opals come in many colors including black. Opals are associated with fidelity, trust, and loyalty.

People whose birthstone is the opal are dreamers, and they like to get lots of attention.

They are deeply intuitive and not easily go unnoticed.

Topaz ring

November – Topaz

The topaz is usually yellow with orange accents.

If you were born in November then the opal is the gem that you should take with you.

You’re smart, receptive and appreciate the comments from your friends and family.

Turquoise bracelets

December – Turquoise

The turquoise is one of the favorite stones of women because of its beautiful color.

If you’re lucky enough that turquoise is your birthstone, you are a very serene and loyal person.

You have a lot of confidence in yourself, you are protective and you like to advise your friends.

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