When it comes to finding the perfect favor for the guests at your Quinceanera, the options list is quite long. From key chains, candles and sweets even to things that may be less than useful.

It is important to think about giving a favor that has a special meaning for your guests and for you as well and what better than something you have done yourself.

Besides putting your heart and all your love in each of the favor you are doing, it is another way to save some money that is so necessary with so many expenses of the party.

So get to work! Here are some ideas of Quinceanera favors you can do it yourself.

Sweet treats are favorite from young and old

Edible favors

Such kind of favors is very convenient even though some of them can be quite elaborate and take some time in the preparation.

The truth is that we all love to receive a dessert giveaway or a sweet treat so we know you won’t go wrong by giving an edible favor.


Covered apples are easy to do

Among the tastiest and popular edible favors, we have bags or jars filled with candies, cupcakes, cake pops, macarons, popcorn bags, chocolate or chilly covered apples, chocolate bars, cookies, etc.

We agree that maybe candy is not made by you, but what we have to do is fill the bags, jars or boxes in which you are giving them . Similarly, you have to put the thank you tag with your name and date of the event.

Maybe you are not making chocolates but sure you are packaging them

This may take some time and if there are many guests attending your party you should make this with enough time.

On the other hand, if you are going to give some kind of dessert as cupcakes, cake pops or covered apples, try to prepare them one or two days before your party so they are kept fresh and tasty.

Add your favorite fragrance to your soaps

Not Edible Favors

Talking about not edible favors, there is a variety of items you can gift to your guests and that are made for you. However, as we mentioned before it is better if the object you are about to give has any use or a special meaning.

Something easy to do and that people always like are candles. Who doesn’t love candles? In addition to serving as decoration,  you can also add your favorite fragrance.

Candles are always a favorite gift

It may not seem, but making candles is easier than you think.  You can search the internet for the ingredients list and instructions, then hands on!

Everything that has to do with fragrances usually is of the taste of people so, another good idea is to gift soaps, whether with a decorative purpose or to use it.

Believe us, that the soaps are a Quinceanera favor that your guests won’t leave winnowed in a corner.

Clay pots as pictures holders

Remember that though these favors are relatively easy to make, they require some drying time and then some time for decoration and packaging to your liking.

As these products are not perishable as in the case of edible favors, you don’t have problems and can make them months before your party.

In our next articles, we will detail step by step instructions to follow and the materials needed to make favors that your guests will love!

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