Have you dreamed arriving to the church and to your party in a luxurious limousine?

Choosing the perfect limousine as your transportation for that special day adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your arrival.

But yes, it is important to choose the best limousine that fits your needs.

The first thing you should consider is that the price is within your budget.

There are many packages specially designed for Quinceañeras.

Ask the vendor what is offered with each package and choose the most suitable for you, this includes service hours, transportation to the ceremony and to the party.

Some packages also offer rides around town.

Often, Quinceañeras are busy planning the party and forget to book the limousine ahead.

This is a serious mistake because, by the time you want to book the limo, you may find that your date is already occupied.

The ideal thing is to book at least 6 months in advance to avoid situations like this. An early booking also lets you choose the perfect limousine for you.

Which brings us to choose the size of the limo.

Not all limousines are the same size neither they offer the same services. Who will travel with you that day?

Do your family and godparents are travelling with you? Maybe your court? It is essential to know how many people will ride the limo with you that day so you can rent the perfect limousine.

A classic limousine ranges from 6 to 14 passengers. Remember that the dress will occupy enough space.

If your court is a large one, you will need something more spacious, then opt for an SUV limousine that has a capacity of 20 passengers.

Ask the vendors to let you climb the different limos before making your decision. Make a list of the amenities in each one. Also, write down the pros and cons so you can compare later.

Make sure the place where you will hire the service has all the required permits and that the drivers are professional, responsible and properly trained.

We know what you want is to look like a princess arriving your party in this elegant limousine, but don’t forget that safety comes first.

So if somewhere in those visits don’t give you a good feeling you better turn around and find another vendor.

Ask for references to your friends who have already contracted such services, there is nothing better than the recommendation from people you know.

Make sure you receive a written contract when placing the deposit. The contract should specify the model of limousine you are renting, the date and the service hours.

Once you have rented the limousine now it’s time to focus on planning the party of the year!

Take the stress out of planning with our Free Quinceanera Planning Guide