Nowadays, many Quinceañeras prefer to leave tradition aside and decide to give a more modern touch to their parties. This includes leaving behind the traditional Quinceanera cake by replacing it with cupcakes.

They are generally cheaper, they look as cute as a cake and waste is avoided because people only take the cupcakes they are eating.

Round towers are a simple and a pretty way to display cupcakes

Before deciding what kind of cupcakes you want for your party, you need to think about how do you want to display them on your dessert table because you’ll agree with me that it’s not a matter of throwing the cupcakes on the table and that’s it.

Cupcakes displays are made from different materials like cardboard, wood, plastic or glass.

You can buy the tower or you can make it

Round Tower

Whether you do it or buy it, a round tower is a simple and beautiful way to display your cupcakes. They come in different sizes and heights, choose yours according to the number of cakes you are going to offer at your party.

Square towers are a modern way to display your cupcakes

Square Tower

With its modern lines, a square tower made of wood is something to presume with your guests. Your dad can easily make one of these for you using a saw, few wood boards and a few strips of wood. Paint it the color you want from bright pink to gold or silver.

Asymmetrical towers look elegant

Asymmetrical Tower

Whether square or round, an asymmetrical tower is another very original way to display the cupcakes. To assemble this tower buy cake stands in different sizes and put them on each other such as”deranged.” Covering the stands with cupcakes will give them a floating appearance.

Use porcelain trays to match your dinnerware

Trays to Display

A very simple way to offer the cupcakes is placing them on trays. These trays can be silver, glass or porcelain that matches the china pieces used for dinner tables. This is a good option if cupcakes amount is small and three or four trays will work.

Trays are useful for a few cupcakes

Wooden Crates

If your Quinceanera has a rustic, country or enchanted forest theme putting your cupcakes in wooden crates is a great idea. You can get the crates at craft stores, there are different sizes and you can paint them or leave a varnish coat only.

Arrange them on each other placing them on the table using one of the sides of the crate as the base. Place the cupcakes within them.


There are these small wooden stairs or wooden benches that can serve as cupcakes display. As the name implies, these benches show cupcakes in a stepwise way. As in the previous idea, this option is fine with a rustic or autumnal theme.

Forming Shapes

Here the possibilities are endless, from a heart to the letters of your name to the tail of a peacock all of them can be formed using the cupcakes. Let your imagination and your creativity fly!

As you can tell there are many ways to display your cupcakes the day of your Quinceanera. We suggest that if you are arranging the cupcakes by yourself the day of your party, do it with a few hours in advance. Avoid stress and ensure everything is perfectly set.

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