It seems that you have lots of friends and choosing the best chambelanes for your Quinceanera party can be a pretty serious issue since you don’t want to hurt anybody feelings and you don’t want to leave your friends out of your court.

The first thing you need to do is talk to your parents about the party budget. Ask them how many chambelanes can accompany you on this special day. According to tradition, the Quinceanera court consists of 14 members, 7 chambelanes, and 7 damas, and the Quinceanera parents pay for the chambelanes and damas outfits, new ones or rented. So if your budget is tight you will have to ask them to pay for it.

You also want to ask their parents for their opinion about who they think will be a great chambelan for you. The chambelanes can be part of your family or close friends. Before asking the boys to be your chambelanes ask yourself these questions: Why does he should be part of my court? Can I rely on him? Does he like to dance? Does he like photographs? Is he a shy or and outgoing person?

It is important that the guys you choose commit to you and your special day. They have to take it seriously and stay proud to be your chambelan, go to rehearsals and go to outfits fittings, and of course, they should accept the fact that they will be wearing a suit!

Make a list with the names of the boys you wish to be your chambelanes. Remember that there’s always the possibility they say ‘no’. If this happens don’t don’t feel sad, sometimes this can be an extra expense of time and money for him and his family.

A good idea is to make his family a formal invitation to dinner or to have a coffee in a nice place where you can explain they why this date it’s so important for you and your family and how to honor you’ll feel if he accepts to be your chambelan. Probably some of your friends are not latin and they don’t know the importance of the Quinceanera party.

Sometimes the Quinceanera has a boyfriend and of course she prefers him to be  the main chambelan. Surround yourself with people who love you and that make you happy, like your best friends and your family. There’s nothing more than you deserve that feel loved and have fun in your special day and that includes your chambelanes.

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