A very important piece that can make a big difference in decorating your party are the centerpieces. Have you ever go to a party and everyone is scrambling to take home the ornament of the table? That’s

exactly the effect you want to achieve with the decor of your tables.

Flowers play an important role when thinking about your centerpieces, they’re easy to incorporate into your theme and look fantastic! On the other hand, the candles give that chic touch that girls love. What is it with candles that we can not resist them?

We always recommend using local flowers and seasonal flower that will be much cheaper than those flowers difficult to obtain. Do not worry if you can not get those tulips that you love, out there are plenty of beautiful flowers. You can get candles from your local decoration stores, even in dollar stores.

One of the most popular centerpieces is the one in which the flowers are submerged in water in a glass vase and carry a floating candle on top. These are not so expensive and look spectacular when lighting the candle. You can combine vases of different sizes and shapes and decorate them with ribbons or rhinestones.

The combination of candles and flowers in light colors give a romantic and feminine touch to your decor. Another centerpiece that looks great is a tall candelabrum with a bouquet of flowers in the center and candles around it. These ideas go very well with all those themes that have to do with princesses, fairies or vintage topics.

Other items you can add and that look good also with flowers and candles are river rocks or seashells. If your Quince theme is related to ocean, this is a good choice too.

The best of all this is that you can build your centerpieces with the help of your family or your friends. You can save a lot of money and have a great time, but do not forget to plan ahead. I can assure that everyone at your party will want to take home your centerpieces!

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