When you are looking for your Quinceañera dress, usually the first things fixed are the style and color. It is unusual for a girl to just take the time to observe the type of fabric the dress is made of. She likes a dress and that’s all!

But, did you know you can save money and still look spectacular choosing the right fabric for your dress? It’s true, you can have the dress custom made with a cheaper fabric without sacrificing beauty.

A dress made of taffeta doesn’t cost the same that a dress made of silk.

The correct fabric can make any style of dress highlight, but wait, knowing how to choose the right fabric for your dress can be an overwhelming experience so here we are going to give you a brief guide and description of the different types of fabric that can be used to make your Quinceanera dress.

Be sure to find the right fabric for you depending on the color and texture that you want.

Tafetta has a special shine

Taffeta: This fabric is very popular and very common to find in Quinceañera dresses. It is made of woven silk, nylon, and other synthetic fibers. Its texture is fresh and soft which makes it ideal for dresses with large skirts. It is much cheaper than silk and it is characterized by being durable. The disadvantage is that the colors are not as vivid as in the case of silk and many girls do not consider it elegant.

If you are a layers girl, an organza dress is for you

Organza: This fabric has the necessary structure to make a dress. However, it is light and served very well for princess cut dresses or A-line dresses.

Satin: A lot of girls like satin. It is very popular because it gives that luxurious appearance to the dress appearance as it has a glossy finish but also is durable and affordable.

Satin is a favorite

There are different types of satin and the structure of the dress will depend on the type.

Tulle: If what you’re looking for is a princess dress or similar to a ballerina one with many layers in the skirt the fabric must choose is the tulle.

Tulle gives a more vintage look

This fabric is made of a mixture of silk and nylon.

One of the disadvantages of tulle is that it tears easily so if your dress is made of this fabric you will have to be extremely careful not to get stuck while dancing.

Chiffon: This has a wrinkled and delicate appearance. It is made of rayon or silk and is very light. You can have a shawl to cover your shoulders made of chiffon.

Lace is an elegant fabric

Lace: The lace has become fashionable in recent years and is generally used on another fabric to create layers or add details to the dress.

There are different types of lace, some stronger than others and some better quality than others.

This will depend on the price. Lace adds elegance lace dress.

Silk is the most expensive of all!

Silk: Silk is the most expensive of all these fabrics we have mentioned. It is commonly used for wedding dresses and now Quinceanera dresses.

It is characterized by its elasticity and strength, it looks great with embroidery and beading.

If what you’re looking is a very elegant dress with intricate designs and if you have no budget problems then choose silk as the fabric of your dress.

There are some beautiful colors!

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