The celebration of the Quinceanera is a special moment for the girl and her family.

On that day, parents present publicly the Quinceañera as a gesture of gratitude for the gift of life.

If your family is Catholic, the Quinceanera Mass plays an important role and must be treat with due importance.

The key elements of the Mass are the act of thanksgiving and blessing given.

We know that what excites you most about this day is the party, however, take the time to assist Mass, think about it, and give thanks for your first fifteen years of life.

Once you decide the date of your party, you need to start planning everything right ahead and that includes the mass.

It is important to know all the guidelines of the church where you plan to hold the religious ceremony.

Ceremony Types

There are different types of ceremony for the Quinceañera Mass:

Private Ceremony: Private masses, as the name implies are only for the Quinceañera, family, and friends.

In such ceremonies the main role is thanksgiving and the blessing of the Quinceanera’s religious objects such as the Bible or rosary.

Private Masses should schedule with 6 months in advance.

Public Ceremony: This ceremony is held on the regular schedule of Masses on Saturday or Sunday.

The Quinceañera, parents,  and friends will be seated in reserved seats.

The Quinceañera receives communion and blessing in presence of whole community.

Ceremony in the place of the Party: This religious celebration takes place in the same venue where the party will take place.

The priest blesses the Quinceañera, family, friends, and religious objects. A prayer is especially dedicated to the Quinceañera.

Requirements you need to consider before your Mass

Ask in the church what are the requirements that must be fulfilled before the day of your Quinceanera Mass. Here are some of the requirements but these may vary depending on the parish.

  • Having the certificate of baptism and first communion.
  • Some churches call for compliance with community service within the church.
  • The Quinceañera must attend preparation classes.
  • Pay a fee (if required)

Rules Inside the Church during Mass

  • Attend rehearsals
  • Arrive in time for the ceremony
  • Do not wear strapless or sleeveless dresses, if your dress is sleeveless, or if the back is discovered wears a shawl for the ceremony
  • Do not eat or drink beverages in the church
  • Do not remove objects placed inside the church
  • If you are going to decorate the church, arrive an hour before the ceremony
  • Collect and remove your ornaments at the end of ceremony
  • Only liturgically appropriate music is permitted
  • Photographer is permitted without interrupting Mass
  • A margin of 30 minutes is given for posed pictures
  • No portraits are allowed on the altar
  • The Quinceañera, family, and guests should behave with courtesy and respect

As you can tell the Quinceanera Mass is something important and needs to be planned in time so you won’t have any further problems.

Ask the minister or priest in your church what are the requirements and rules to be followed to have the perfect Mass.

Take the stress out of planning with our Free Quinceanera Planning Guide