The celebration of the Quinceanera has been compared by many years with the celebration of a wedding. Just as majestic and equally important. Generations ago quinceaneras used to wear white dresses, the traditional color and so were also compared with brides. Today you can find dresses in any color you can imagine. One would think that wear white is passé and that the pink or turquoise have taken its place. We will demonstrate the opposite with this collection of beautiful and elegant white Quinceanera dresses that you can wear either at a traditional party or combine it with any other theme you choose and you do not see you at all boring!

Want look like a princess day on your Quinceanera? A princess like-strapless white dress, with a wide tulle and organza skirt,may be what you’re looking.

Here we show you other princess-like dresses with tight corsets and also strapless. This type of dress looks great on any figure.

It’s all in the detail! If you want a dress that has a touch of charm, check out this dress that has an embroidered corset with a swirl detail that gives a touch of sophistication and elegance to it.

Now, if wearing an all white dress does not convince you at all you can always opt for a model with some touches of color, like small embroidered flowers or some precious stones or beads. Details can be in the corset or down to the skirt.

Another option is to wear the dress all in white and decorate it with a ribbon or a belt the color of your choice, or the color that match your theme.

Regardless of the dress,  you choose you don’t have to worry, white never goes of fashion!



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