The red velvet cake looks delicious besides being elegant with its intense color. If the red velvet cake is one of your favorites and you’re thinking of having it in your Quinceañera, here we will tell you a little about its history and its origins.

Today, the red velvet cake gets its so characteristic color due to a large amount of dye added to the mixture, which gives this red color so vivid.

But, back in the times of our great grandmothers, this was not like this, the red color was all natural using beetroot.

The original red velvet cake did not receive its name in resemblance to the color of the soft fabric but because of its smooth texture. Its texture had something to do with the ingredients included in the recipe.

Certainly, recipes could vary but all of them should contain baking soda and either vinegar or buttermilk. Both vinegar and buttermilk are acidic ingredients, and we all know what happens when you combine vinegar with baking soda.

The bubbles fluffed up the cake making it lighter and soft. These ingredients also had a reaction with cocoa powder which gave the bread that characteristic color.

It is said that the first time this cake made its appearance was at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and the recipe was held as a top secret, but others think that its origins date back to earlier times.

No matter where it made its first appearance, the red velvet cake has become so famous that bakeries and pastry shops across the country are including it in their menu giving everyone a personal touch.

It has become so popular that it has inherited its name to cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, even pancakes, milkshakes, and latte!

The red velvet cake is a tasty alternative to your Quinceanera cake. The cake consists of several layers with a mild chocolate flavor but with a distinctive red color and icing between the layers and a frosting usually made of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese.

If you’ve already decided you want the red velvet cake, keep in mind that your cake will be white on the outside and practically won’t have any other decor on it. The cake will be a combination of red and white and nothing else.

This cake combines perfect with different Quinceañera themes, from a traditional party, a party in red, with a theme of Queen of Hearts, a Minnie Mouse theme and even a Christmas theme.

On the other hand, if the theme of your party is the least troubling you and you want your red velvet cake, just go to the bakery, try it and order it.

If you want to go a little further with your obsession with red velvet cake, you can also offer your guests red velvet brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, milkshakes and hot chocolate with a red velvet flavor. Imagine how amazing your dessert table will look!

Memories of your Quinceanera and your red velvet cake will remain engraved in your mind for a lifetime and every time you come back to try it, the taste will take you back to that special day.

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