You are about to begin the search for your Quinceañera dress, you have spent many hours searching the internet and watching magazines in which beautiful dresses can be seen and many of the models are haute couture. But you know what is haute couture?

White Gown by DaVinci

The term haute couture has a specific meaning in France and refers to garments tailored for fashion companies to their customers in their shops and with staff established in Paris.

Outside France, the term haute couture is used to refer to any fashion garment extremely expensive no matter where it has been made. A couture piece must be tailored to a particular client with at least one fit to ensure that the garment fits perfectly.

Soft Pink Gown by DaVinci

The reason haute couture has such a high price is due to the tradition of fashion in France as well as the materials and the work on each piece. The garments are designed and made for a specific customer but also they can be designed for a fashion show.

These garments are designed to look spectacular on the client according to her body type and her style.

Red and Yellow Gown by DaVinci

Also, the price of couture clothing is determined largely by the quality of the materials used as silk or leather. Details such as embroidery and beading are always made by hand which can take many hours of work.

Also, patterns and colors can be designed uniquely and exclusively for a client.

Pink and Purple Gown by DaVinci

Today many couture firms have chosen to have “ready to wear” collections as many times the customer does not want or can not wait for the piece to be made. These garments even if they are exclusive they can be found in department stores and boutiques.

Now that you know what does haute couture means you can decide if you buy your dress in a shop where they take all sizes or if you ask a designer to make it for you.

Gold Gown by DaVinci

If you buy your Quinceanera dress in a store you know that your model is not going to be unique and exclusive like haute couture, but it will be also much cheaper than a designer dress.

Now if your possibilities allow it (and your parents too) and you want to have a different Quinceañera dress from others and designed just for you, you can go to a designer’s shop just dedicated making bridal and Quinceanera dresses.

Navy Blue Gown by DaVinci

Remember that your dress does not necessarily have to be haute couture, there are also places where you are allowed to choose and match pieces from different models that you like, even they give you the opportunity to add some details to your liking as embroidery or beading.

Something that is important and you can not overlook is attending the dress fits as this help you to be sure the dress fits you perfectly.

Regardless if your dress is couture or catalog we promise you’ll look like a beautiful princess on your Quinceanera day.

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