One way to save money at your Quinceanera is by making your own photo booth. The rent of these booths can become a little expensive and if your budget is tight this is an excellent solution.

The technology has advanced greatly in recent years and digital cameras have improved so much that you don’t even need a “real” or professional camera as the ones the photographers use to get amazing photos in your photo booth.

The first thing you have to do is a backdrop, you don’t need to worry it does not have to be complicated. Start with a wall of a solid color no matter what the color is, white, black, blue, beige, etc. If you want to add some patterned shapes then do it.

Today is very trendy to have backdrops made with paper or fabric flowers in different sizes and very flashy. Also if you want you can have a landscape or you paint a funny image.

The best is to have a backdrop that measures about 6 feet x 4 feet that will “fit” in almost all horizontally formats of automatic cameras. Ensure the backdrop to the wall with double-sided tape or with a few nails.

Once the backdrop is finished, another aspect to consider is the lighting. To avoid complications with camera flashes and configurations assure that your photo booth has lots of light.

If your party will take place during daytime, find a lounge area where there’ll be plenty natural light or you can even place the backdrop on the outside.

If your party is going to be at night, then ask the manager to place or assign you some lamps for a certain given area. You can have “warm light” or colored light in any color you prefer.

To make your photos more fun get some costumes, toys or props. You and your friends will have a great time taking pictures. The crazier, the funnier photos you’ll get.

Now you are wondering, how can I get a copy of all the photos that my friends take at the party? The answer is simple, create a hashtag for your Quinceanera and ask your guests to publish photos from your party with that hashtag.

Within few days you’ll have an album full of photos of your party.

But, if you want to print your snapshots at that precise moment, get a photo printer that allows anyone with a smartphone print their photos at your Quinceanera.

Although it is probably that you are going to need replacement cartridges and extra film for printing photos, the cost of won’t equal the cost of renting a professional photo booth.

The only thing that the guests have to do is download the application to their phone. Then using the application they can take selfies or take pictures to each other, load them into the application and they are ready to print!

Some friend of yours may be aware of what is needed.

A final option equally cheap and easy is to have one or two instant cameras, although the resolution of the photos won’t be of the same quality as with the printer will be quite good.

You already have the backdrop you designed and the necessary light so your photos will come out great. An Instant Photo Booth!

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