When planning a party we usually have an established budget and of course it is the case of a Quinceanera where expenses can go through the roof if we don’t have everything under control.

A good way to save money when planning your Quinceanera is doing by yourself as many things as you can, of course, with the help of your family or friends.

In this occasion, we’ll talk about decorating the place where your party will be held. The decor you choose for your party doesn’t have to be quite expensive and can still look spectacular.

There are many paper decoration tips that we mention here and that you won’t believe how easy are them.

There are many online tutorials that teach you how to make paper decorations.

Paper Flowers:

Flowers are one of the essential elements in the decoration of the Quinceanera party.

The problem is that they can cost a few hundred dollars.

So an alternative is to do the paper flowers for your party.

Create a striking backdrop with giant paper flowers choosing the colors of your palette.

Combines different shapes and sizes for the flowers.

This backdrop can be used as a pretty photo background or to place it behind the candy bar or the main table.

Make bouquets of roses or other flowers that are easy to make and create centerpieces that will be the envy of all your guests.


Garlands are another decorative element that can bring life to your party decoration.

There are all either type of garlands. You can make them with flowers, colored circles that look like confetti, butterflies even cranes.

You can include any items that match the party theme.

Just trace and cut out the figures on paper and then hang with yarn or ribbon.

Another variant of the garlands is paper chains that are very easy to make and look very nice combined in various colors

Paper Pom-poms:

The pom poms are favorite decorations because they are easy to make, cheap and look spectacular when you hang them from the roof.

One idea is to choose three colors of your palette and make pom poms in different sizes.

Make enough so that you cover the entire area of the lounge and try hanging them at different heights.

Your guests will be impressed with this decoration. If you want something moderate, make a few of them and hang just above the main table, the candy bar or the dance floor.

Paper Lanterns:

It is true that you can make paper lanterns yourself but these are little more complicated and time-consuming to make.

But don’t worry, you can still include them in your list of decorative items and since you can get some at affordable prices.

Paper lanterns look great outdoors so your if your Quinceañera is in a garden or on the beach, they are definitely a good choice.

Like these, there are many ideas on paper decorations that you can use to decorate your Quinceanera party.

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