If you think you already overcame the hardest part because you have chosen your Quinceañera dress wait until you start looking for your shoes, this is just the beginning!

Finding a beautiful, elegant and comfortable pair of shoes is an adventure for every Quinceanera.

You feel overwhelmed because you could not find the perfect shoes, you’ve tried on a number of models and you have spent hours sitting in front of your computer looking for those shoes you have in mind.

The result? Frustration and despair! So to make things easier we decided to help you with this guide.

Your Quinceañera shoes must have the exact height, perfect size, a captivating design and of course they need to be comfortable. Prepare yourself to learn everything you need to know about shoes.

Heel height

High heel shoes come in different heights from 1 inch to about 8 inches high and depending on it, it’s the name they receive.

Kitten Heels have a short heel

Kitten Heel: This heel is at an average height between flat shoes and real high heels. If you want to wear heels but are not used to them, the kitten heel is ideal as it is comfortable enough to wear it for several hours.

Pumps are considered high heels

Pumps: It is considered a high heeled shoe when the heel exceeds 2- 3 in. The height of the heel is enough to lengthen your figure. Despite heel height, walking in them is comfortable.

Stilettos are the highest heels of all

Stilettos: Stilettos are those shoes with the highest height of the three. Its height reaches 8 inches and they are usually accompanied by a platform on the front for better support.

If you’re not used to wearing high heels you better stay away from this kind of shoes on your big day.

Now that we talked about of the height of the heels, it’s time to talk about the different types of heels.

Heel Types and Shoes Models

High heels not only come in different heights, they can also be found in different shapes and designs.

Wedges are comfortable option

Wedge heel: the wedge heel is a one-piece heel, that is not separated from the sole. It can be as low as a kitten heel or as high as a stiletto.

The advantage of this type of heel is the extra support to your ankle avoiding wobbly feet like with stiletto heels. If you are looking for comfort and a decent height at the same time this can be a very good choice.

Ankle Strap shoes make you look very feminine

Ankle strap shoes: The shoes with straps look very elegant and are extremely versatile. To give a more feminine touch to your Quinceanera look, choose a thin strap especially if you have big ankles.

Choose the correct slingback shoes to avoid losing a shoe!

Slingback shoes: This kind of shoes unlike the previous, consists of a strap that passes behind the ankle freeing the Achilles heel. Something you have to consider if you choose this type of shoes is that the strap fits properly to avoid missing a shoe!

Just revealing your toes

Peep-toe Shoes: Showing only the toes and keeping the rest covered, the peep-toe shoes will make you look flirty. The opening at the front of the shoe determines how much of your feet is shown.

Look for beautiful cut-out patterns

Cut-out shoes: The cut-out pattern anywhere on the shoe gives a sophisticated lattice effect.

If you are not used to heels you can wear beautiful flats

Flats: If you aren’t fan of high heels, even as low as the kitten heels, don’t worry flat shoes are the best choice for you. Models with lace or glitter are ideal for Quinceañeras.

Flat Sandals: If your party is going to be on the beach or in a garden, sandals are the ideal type of shoes to complete your look. Choose simple sandals adorned with a ribbon or adorned with crystals or glitter for a more chic appearance.

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