When we think of winter the colors that first come to our mind are cool colors. The light blue hues combined with gold color are simply irresistible. This combination is elegant, classic, fresh and feminine and it is ideal for a Quinceanera party.

The winter season is just around the corner and if you haven’t chosen the colors for your party yet, you’ll love this combination.

What  dress colors can you choose with this palette? It is very clear that the dress color leans more for a blue shade than for golden one. There is also the option of using a  white dress with blue accents, gold or both.

If you opt for the blue dress, choose white  dresses for your damas or vice versa. The chambelanes will dress in blue, perhaps a darker shade than yours. Together you and your court will look like a beautiful winter postcard. Your photos will turn out very pretty.

Keep your makeup in a subtle and delicate way opting for shadows and blush in golden hues and a light color for the lips. Avoid using heavy makeup and let your natural beauty be the protagonist.

Regardless of the length of your nails, your manicure should look perfect. Some ideas are French manicure with white, golden or light blue tip. You can also wear all the nails in blue with a fingernail golden accent.

Imagine your  bouquet made of white roses, decorated with some small golden pine cones and blue ribbon. Delicately beautiful!

Of course, the flavor of the cake is an important part of the menu. But once you have chosen the flavor, it is time to focus on the outside look. One suggestion is a light blue cake with gold details on each of the layers.

It can be complemented with flowers or pine cones like the ones from your bouquet.

If you are thinking about   setting up a table of sweets, imagine how pretty it will look with all those sweets with the golden wrapper. Place blue candies in tall crystal vases while the golden sweets can go in trays or baskets.

The decoration with this color palette is based on simplicity and elegance. The gold occurs only in small touches and pieces such as candle holders surrounded blue hydrangeas on the tables.

Table runners and napkins in light blue combined with white tablecloths, gold cutlery, and pom poms in shades of blue are some other ideas for your decor.

Remember that the key to perfection is in the small details that draw the attention of your guests such as personalized cards for tables, the ribbons for the chairs or the backdrop for the photos.

Besides adding candles to your tables, lighting also plays an important role in how the room will look at dinner and the dances. For a more dramatic effect ask the person in charge to illuminate the room with white light and blue light. The result will be spectacular!

The invitations are no exception and they can express your style and creativity. From monograms to glitter and the wide variety of papers sure you’ll find your favorite.

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