If you are a girl that have dreamed of becoming a princess from fairy tales since childhood, how about celebrating your Quincenanera at the Walt Disney World Resort?

It seems like a dream come true, right?

Well, you don’t have to dream anymore because it is possible to have your Quinceanera at Disney and I can’t really imagine the wonderful and amazing experience that should be.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family and practically you don’t have to worry about anything, they take care of everything!

What is your favorite princess? Cinderella? Belle? Ariel?

You can choose the theme of your Quinceanera according to your favorite princess.

Imagine having at your fingertips all the creative talent, ideas and resources of Disney while you plan your event.

A team of talented specialists working with you to help you have a party that neither you nor your guests will never forget. It will be the party of the year!

When you plan your party at the Walt Disney World Resort, you have access to the entire inventory of decoration that has been used in parks, hotels, and movies.

Forget about suffering stress or worrying about everything looking amazing and be ready on time, you just have to enjoy the experience.

The packages include the decoration of the ballroom or venue, with majestic tall centerpieces, elegant tables, and lights.

The table linens and cutlery are the most elegant, the seating cards are customized according to the theme you choose.

The dance floor is worthy of a princess. Imagine waltzing with your Chambelanes!

Service also includes dinner, which of course is exquisite, the cake and the favors for your guests.

Arrive at your party in the real Cinderella’s glass carriage or arrange a visit of your favorite Disney character to your party.

There are different packages for different budgets:

A Reflection of You: Here, the Quinceañera and her friends savor delicious desserts while enjoying a private night premiere overlooking the lagoon.

This takes place at Epcot Center and guests are captivated with the different cultures of the world to join the Quinceañera.

Dancing With A Star: The celebration of the Quinceañera dazzles in any of the hotels or designated parks, which have a bilingual DJ,

a variety of delicious menus with sitting service or buffet style with professional chefs who are responsible for preparing the delicious food.

Belle of the Ball: The dream of a Quinceañera comes true when it becomes the princess of the dancing gala.

Trees adorned with twinkling lights, carpets along the road, covered chairs with sage, spectacular centerpieces, tier cake, photography and other elements make guests feeling at a royal ball.

This package is available for 100 guests or more.

Do you like the idea of celebrating your Quinceanera at the Walt Disney World Resort?

For more information visit their website and live an unforgettable experience!

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