November 2nd we celebrate the Day of Dead in Mexico and in some parts of the United States and Catrina costumes are a must on this Halloween season.

But first we’re going to tell you a little about the history of the Catrina and after that, you can try some of these looks for your Halloween or Day of the Dead party.

Mexicans have given name and form to death and called it “La Catrina” that which comes to get us regardless if you are poor or rich or blonde or brunette.

The cartoonist, engraver, and illustrator José Guadalupe Posada became famous in popular culture for his drawings of skulls criticizing the social and political situation of the country at that moment.

Later, Diego Rivera eventually baptized the skull as La Catrina.

The image of La Catrina represents the skeleton of a woman wearing a hat suitable only for the European upper class of the time.

La Catrina represents in a humorous way those Mexican natives who aspired to adopt the traditions of the European aristocracy back the days before the revolution.

The original drawing describes a person ashamed of its indigenous origins and dressed imitating the French style while using a large amount of makeup to make the skin looks y lighter or whiter.

In recent years, La Catrina has ceased to be a simple drawing to be adopted by young and old as a symbol of the Day of Dead celebration and represents the death in a beautiful and cheerful way.

In 2010, La Catrina turned 100 years old after being created by Posada, a short film was made to pay her tribute.

Now that you know a little more about the history of La Catrina, we’ll show you some Catrina makeup ideas for the holidays. Catrina’s makeup can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer all depends on your creativity.

1. Using black eyeliner draw two large circles around the eyes through eyebrows.

2. Using black paint, either liquid eyeliner, pencil or eyeshadow, fill both circles.

3. Paint your face white. Here it is important to choose a good quality makeup so it won’t irritate your skin. The best way to do it is to use a brush that will help you blend the paint on the face. Leave the tip of the nose without color.

4. With a small brush and doing it carefully, fill the space of the nose with black paint without dirtying the rest of the face.

5. Using another color of your choice, paint the outline of the black circles you did in your eyes.


6. The next step is to draw small dots of another color in the eye, do not worry if they aren’t perfect.

7. Paint the lips black and draw a black line across your face from side to side passing over the lower lip and draw a spiral at the end of each side of the line.

8. Draw several vertical lines as if they were seams on the lips. Draw two spirals on the chin.

9. Draw a flower the color you want on the chin and on your forehead paint a heart or flowers.

10. If you want to go a little further with your design, stick some small rhinestones around your eyes.

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