The Story Behind the Quinceanera Waltz

The tradition of the Quinceañera dates back to the times of the Aztecs and the Mayans. However, it is believed that the Spanish conquerors were the ones who “modernized” the feast of the Quinceañera. The celebration as we know it today is an adaptation to Christianity from the Women Ceremony of the Aztecs. The conquerors... View Article


Everything You Need to Know About the Church and the Quinceanera Mass

The celebration of the Quinceanera is a special moment for the girl and her family. On that day, parents present publicly the Quinceañera as a gesture of gratitude for the gift of life. If your family is Catholic, the Quinceanera Mass plays an important role and must be treat with due importance. The key elements... View Article


Keep Your Birthstone Close To You the Day of your Quinceanera

Since ancient times gemstones have been associated with the birth date. These stones or gems are called birthstones. It is common that when mothers give birth, the father gives her a pendant or a bracelet with the birthstone of the baby. You can incorporate your birthstone in one of your accessories that you will wear the... View Article

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