5 Classic Waltzes For Your Quinceañera

There are things that can not be changed with the passing of the years and so called traditions. No matter how modern you want your Quinceanera to be, there are things you can not change or ignore. An example of these traditions is the waltz. Waltz plays a very important role in the celebration of... View Article


The Main Chambelan

As expected, the presence of the chambelan in the Quinceanera can not miss. According to tradition, the court of the Quinceañera is formed by seven chambelanes and seven damas. One of the chambelanes is chosen by the Quinceanera as her main chambelan. However, at present, this rule is not always followed and sometimes only the... View Article


How To Display Your Cupcakes

Nowadays, many Quinceañeras prefer to leave tradition aside and decide to give a more modern touch to their parties. This includes leaving behind the traditional Quinceanera cake by replacing it with cupcakes. They are generally cheaper, they look as cute as a cake and waste is avoided because people only take the cupcakes they are... View Article


Do You Want a Red Velvet Cake for Your Quinceanera?

The red velvet cake looks delicious besides being elegant with its intense color. If the red velvet cake is one of your favorites and you’re thinking of having it in your Quinceañera, here we will tell you a little about its history and its origins. Today, the red velvet cake gets its so characteristic color... View Article


Set Your Candy Buffet With This Easy Tips

In this article, we will talk about the sweetest corner of your Quinceanera party. Candy bars or candy buffets have become an essential part of the decoration of the Quinceaneras. It’s not just about putting a simple table with sweets on it as a complement of everything else. Candy buffets go beyond offering a sweet... View Article

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