You just received the invitation for a Quinceanera party and you are excited to attend it. You have thought about what you are wearing, the makeup and the hair even who is going with you. A party is always a good excuse to indulge yourself. Everything is perfect but, wait a minute…have you thought about the Quinceanera gift? What do you think would be the best quinceanera gift? Well, it’s hard to say since she is no longer a child but, she is not yet an adult. This is not a typical birthday party, so put some brain on it and find a significant gift for her.

Well, here is a list of great gifts to give to a Quinceanera in her special day:

A gift card: You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Nowadays, almost every kind of shop offers gift cards. If you know her favorite store go for it, she’d love it! She can buy something that she really likes. Some other great gift cards options are online shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and bookstores.

Jewelry: This category is wide since it includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, lockets, earrings and more. If you are giving a piece of jewelry to the Quinceanera, spend a little more money and give her something that lasts forever. A bracelet or necklace with her birthstone would be a nice gift or maybe a pair of Swarovski earrings. If she is a religious girl then a rosary can be another cute thing to give her.

A Bible: It signifies faith and protection. Giving the Quinceanera a bible for her Mass can be a very significant gift. You can give her both the bible and the rosary, she will keep them very close to her heart.

Perfume/Makeup: If you know the Quinceanera very well and know her tastes you can choose a nice makeup kit for her or a perfume. Be sure to know which perfume or fragrances does she prefer or you can end with a stinky gift!

A Book: Is she a bookworm? Is she the kind of girl that walks around with a book in her hands? Then a book or even a book series would be a great gift for her. Maybe you can give her a deluxe or hardcover edition of her favorite books.

College Fund: College expenses are high, so this is a great option as a family gift, even close friends can join. Open a bank account and everybody contributes with the amount they can afford. Continue for the coming years with this gift on her birthday and she’ll raise some good money!

Now that you know some good options for a Quinceanera gift, it’s time to go shopping!

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