A very popular theme these days among Quinceaneras is a vintage or retro theme party.

Old things return to stay and vintage style is considered one of the favorite themes of the girls.

But, what is a vintage style? It is considered vintage everything that is related to the times of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s.

Classic and vintage elements are used as are pieces of old crockery, bicycles with flowers, cans that serve as vases, old suitcases, old cameras and anything that can give a luxurious but intimate touch at the same time.

The vintage theme is ideal for a Quinceanera in a garden or in a classic lounge.

The decor will depend on the place you choose for your party. If it takes place in a garden, your decoration will have to do more with flowers and natural elements. If the party is indoors in a lounge, the decor will lean towards something more luxurious.

The color palette is key when choosing a vintage theme. Pastel colors are perfect for this style. Try to stay away from very bright colors.  We recommend the following color combos for your vintage Quinceanera:

White – Pink – Gray

Although gray is not considered like a pastel color, when combined with pink and white it is very elegant.

The predominant color is white while pink and gray added that necessary touches for a vintage style.

Mint – Ivory – Pink

Mint color adds a touch of romance along with the pink.

The ivory color is a classic vintage color.

This combination is very good for a vintage party in a garden.

Lilac – Light Yellow – Mauve

In this combo, the light yellow is the base color while the lilac and mauve give those touches of color to your decor.

Combine them with floral prints for a more romantic look.

Light Blue – Gold

This combination is not as common as it is the one of pink and gold, but the result is a chic vintage theme.

Keep golden accents very simple to avoid overloading the decor.


Although these colors are not seeing as pastel colors the three are very sophisticated colors that go well with the vintage theme.

This color palette can be used the same indoors or outdoors.

Bronze – Green – Black

Bronze is another alternative to gold color to give that vintage touch to your party.

The black is a sober color but when combined with the green and bronze it turns more subtle.

This combo is perfect for a party in a forest.

Ivory – Orange – Steel

Use different shades of orange but, always keeping it in light shades.

The steel will be added only to the smallest details.

This combination would be great for a vintage beach party.

Pink – Peach – White

Pink and peach tones look great together, they are colorful enough without being so bright.

Choose a vintage dress in white and added color details in your bouquet and in the decor.

Sage – Pink – Ivory

Finding a green hue that goes well with a vintage style is not so easy.

The sage has that old, rustic look that sends you back in time.

To soften the sage combine it with pale pink and the ivory adds that neutral touch.




Light Blue-Gold






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