The idea of choosing a carriage over a limo or other transportation to arrive at your Quinceanera is not so farfetched after all.

The carriages are the fantasy of all those girls who saw the movie Cinderella as little girls (or not so little) and who dream of being princesses even for one day.

Imagine having a carriage at the door of your house with everything and horses ready to take you to your service to the church and to the reception. Of course, you can’t miss the coachman totally dressed for the occasion.

If your Quinceanera theme is a princess or a fairytale theme, then you have to choose a carriage as transportation. Can’t imagine a better way to make your arrival that in a beautiful carriage decorated to your liking!

Usually, agencies that rent these carriages are responsible for decorating them according to the colors and theme of your party. The decor may include flowers, twinkling lights, bows and even the horses can wear some accessories and braided mane.

The coachman’s outfit is also coordinated with the theme, from a classic theme with a top hat and white gloves to something more modern like a western theme.

There are carriages of different sizes and different prices. One of the most popular is Cinderella’s carriage in which the Quinceañera feels and travels like a real princess.

It is common for the Quinceañera to ride alone in the carriage since her dress takes a lot of space. There are some other larger carriages that can fit up to eight people and where the court or family can travel with the Quinceañera.

Before hiring a coach there are certain things that you should consider such as how far should horses are riding and how long it will take you to reach your destination.

Remember that horses walk at their own pace and you must also ensure that the road is safe and suitable for horses. You should also consider the number of horses that will pull the carriage as two horses can be very expensive.

Finally, the coach must be wide enough to accommodate your dress without mistreating or crumple it.

The carriages companies also work together with your photographer so you get truly spectacular photos of your special day. Imagine how fantastic you will look in your photos posing in the carriage or riding around the city!

The price per hour for a carriage starts around $ 250 and can reach up to $ 1,500 for a package that includes more hours. The rent includes a fully clean and in good condition carriage, a coachman dressed appropriately, and decorations.

These services are very popular not only among Quinceaneras but also at weddings and other festivities so it is important to book your carriage with time. In some cases, you can meet the horses that will draw the carriage the day of your Quinceanera.

Make sure you sign a written contract specifying the cost, how and when to pay, what happens if the weather is not suitable that day, what happens if a horse or the driver get hurt and it should also include a cancellation policy.

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