Your Quinceanera party is almost around the corner and you want to keep all the memories you can about everything that is going on around you these days The planning, the dress,  the church, your family, everything will be included in the  photo shoot.

But, what do you think about having a fun photo shoot to relax and forget a little bit about all the formal issues? Forget about the  quinceanera dress, the elaborate makeup and hair style. Imagine just being you with your damas and your chambelanes captured having a great time. Sounds good!

The pictures don’t have to be expensive at all. They can be taken by a professional photographer or you can ask your mom, your dad or somebody else to take them. Plan the day with your friends, visit the places that you like the most; a mall, a park, the beach, the movies, a coffee shop or an ice cream shop.

These pictures are forever as well as the formal pictures of your Quinceanera party. The pictures will help you remember throughout the years about all the good things that you enjoy in this particular moment of your life and the people that love you and care about you.

Ask the photographer to take some pictures of you alone  in your favorite spots. Then make your friends join you and pose in funny ways. The album can be titled “Just Days Before My Quinceanera.”

Another great idea is to hire a photographer that follow you for an entire day, from the time you leave home for school to the time you finish your day. The best part is that you won’t even have to pose for the pictures, they will be natural, capturing you doing what you do best, being a teen! It would be nice to get some pictures of you and your friends in your daily life. If you are already making preparations for your Quinceanera party, that will be captured too. This album can be titled “A Day in the Life of a Quinceanera.”

Not everything about your Quince party has to be so formal and traditional, think about the things you want to remember about the whole experience of becoming a Quinceanera and turn them into memories with a fun photo shoot, the time you spend choosing the perfect dress, the trips to the flower shop, cake tastings, writing the addresses on the invitations envelope and all the stuff related to your party. In ten years, when you look back at your Quinceanera experience you will have some nice pictures that will make you smile.

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