No matter how old you are! When you have loved a character during all your life no matter if you are five, fifteen or fifty years old!

So, if your favorite character is Minnie Mouse why not having a Quinceanera party with this theme? If you think it, the theme suits very well with the Quinceanera celebration, it is feminine and fun at the same time.

Your Minnie Mouse Quinceanera themed can be very discrete with subtle details here or there or as obvious as it can that everybody knows what your party is about at first sight!

There are two color scheme options for this theme. The first combination is red, black, white and yellow. The second combination is pink, white and black, you choose the one you like best!

No matter the color scheme you have chosen, sure there is a Quinceanera dress you can pair it to. If you decide to go with the classic style of Minnie Mouse, imagine having a red dress with a full skirt, white details and perhaps a little touch of yellow, for example, the shoes.

Another alternative is a more feminine look with a pink dress with white details and darker pink shoes. For your hairstyle, you can not miss an updo with a hair bow on top of your head.

Now if you prefer it, you and your ladies can wear Minnie Mouse ears either fabric or decorated with dazzling rhinestones.

Get yourself a manicure that includes motifs of your theme either red with white spots, tiny black mouse ears, bows, or Minnie Mouse in a nail as an accent. You can also incorporate the theme into your jewelry either in earrings, necklace, and ring.

You can find really beautiful things to wear the day of your Quinceanera. Of course, this jewelry will accompany you forever.

Of course, you’re not going to make your chambelanes wear mouse ears! So the best way to match their outfit with yours is to wear bowties whether red or pink with white dots.

If you opted for a long dress then your damas can wear a short one more like Minnie Mouse style.

The cake decorates with mouse ears or bows can not miss, either cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes, all of them decorated of course with mouse ears! Your dessert table will be deliciously beautiful.

As we do not want the decoration to be too overwhelming, choose flowers and table linens in the colors of your palette and match them together with the plates and cutlery.

Polka dots are a must and you can incorporate them into the cake, tablecloths and in your photo booth backdrop. Another thing you can use for decoration that is very cheap are the balloons. They come in all colors, sizes, and even polka dots.

You decide the style of the invitations, there are sites like where you can find many models and ideas that you’ll love.

Give your guests popcorn bags in two colors, white and pink or white and red, the bags will look like Minnie Mouse dress! You can also customize brown paper bags with the names of the guests and give them Minnie Mouse shaped cookies.

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