The perfect theme for a Quince party in autumn is the one with a country theme. Are you the kind of girl who likes cowgirl boots? If so, this may be the theme you are looking for.

This theme is very versatile and there are many things you can use and incorporate into it.

You can opt for a chic touch, with flowers and candles or you can choose something more like a rodeo party.

The Colors

The predominant color palette will be based on the colors of autumn, tan, brown, orange, beige.

If you’re thinking about that chic touch that we talked about before your choice can include pale pink and white.

The Dress

If you want to go with the all country outfit, choose a denim blouse and a Quinceanera skirt with many layers and ruffles.

Don’t forget to wear cowgirl boots.

If you don’t want something as radical then choose a short dress that will look great with your favorite boots.

And if the short dress still doesn’t convince you then go it safe with a ball gown in some fall tone as can be beige, pink or pale orange.

The idea is to keep the most feminine dress possible with cute accessories!

The Chambelanes

A style we really like for the chambelanes is to wear jeans, a plaid shirt, a vest and a tie.

They will look casual but without being scruffy.

The Decoration

There are very nice ideas for a country Quinceanera decor. A rustic decor will make your party unforgettable. If the party is outside, hang lanterns and decorate with candles and flowers.

Choose long rustic tables with benches and cover them with burlap table runners. Place simple centerpieces with white flowers in water, Mason jars are an excellent idea for this theme.

Place hay bales, barrels and old tin cans with flowers in autumnal colors.

If the party is going to be held inside, how would you like to have the party in a barn? There is nothing more country than a farm.

The landscape itself raises the issue of your party and there are many elements that you can take advantage of. Garnish light strings, chandeliers, horseshoes, and flowers.

Tie a wide ribbon in your favorite color from the palette the back of the chairs and you are all set.

The Food

A buffet is the best for this kind of party with several stations containing BBQ ribs, roast chicken, chicken wings, grilled veggies, cornbread, baked potatoes, and salad.

Set another station for drinks where lemonades, soft drinks, and beer for adults will be offered.

The cake

It can be the flavor you like and the colors of your theme. Embellishments like horseshoes, stars and hats are great for the country theme.

For more ideas of cakes visit our Pinterest board…

The Invitations

Invitations like the cake should go according to your theme. A nice idea is to include some lace or ribbon to add a more feminine detail. Laser cut invitations are perfect for this style.

And to close with a flourish …

The Music

Hire a country band to play live. You and your guests won’t stop moving the boots!

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