You’ve decided you want to have a Quinceanera party with a theme of Beauty and the Beast so I dedicate this article to give you tips on how you can have the best quinceanera this theme.

Bella is a princess distinguished by her courage, intelligence and independence.

She is a strong-willed heroine but she is also compassionate, loving, and caring. Furthermore, she loves to read!

Do you feel identified with Bella? Perfect! Then let’s start by choosing your dress.

From outset, we know that it will be a ball gown in yellow with ruffles and roses made from the same fabric of the dress.

Bella’s hairstyle is easy to achieve. Comb your hair and collect in in a half up do.

Leave the rest of the hair loose and do curls with the curling iron.

If you’re going to wear a tiara, ask your hairstylist to arrange it in front of the bun.

If you are not wearing a tiara, then simply tie a yellow ribbon around the bun.

The makeup is very subtle, shades in brown for the eyes and rosy cheeks.

You can go with either pink or red for the lips.

Complete your look with the shoes. You can play around with the colors as you can choose yellow high heels that match the dress, blue heels, silver or gold.

If you are not a fan of high heels then you can always sport flats or converse!

For your damas, what do you think about a dress in royal blue and yellow bouquets? For the chambelanes a royal blue suit, white shirt,and yellow tie.

Let’s continue with the decor of your Quince party. When we think of a Beauty and the Beast theme, what’s the first thing that comes to our mind?

Things like books, candlesticks, teapots, clocks, roses or in other cases Mrs. Pott, Chip, Lumiere,and Ding-Dong.

There you have! These are the elements that you will use for decorating your party. Linens can be in any color related to the theme and of course you can’t miss the centerpieces with red or pink roses.

The most popular centerpiece for the theme of Beauty and the Beast is one in which a red rose is placed inside a glass dome as seen in the movie.

Another idea for a centerpiece is to put a rose in a glass vase containing pebbles at the bottom and water. Add that extra putting a lighted floating candle.

This type of centerpieces are easy to do and they aren’t expensive.

The candlesticks are a must as well as teapots and cups. Get some nice teapots with a touch of vintage and hang them or place them on sites that attract attention from guests.

You can also place a set of cups in each place, if your friends don’t drink coffee, they can always take their drink in the cup!

Another decorating idea is to cut the stem to some roses and hang them from the ceiling the face down. You can alternate red and yellow roses.

Adorn your table or your candy bar with candlesticks and place at the base red roses. Make sure you buy sweets that combine with the theme of the party, this means yellow, blue. and red candies.

For your Quinceanera cake the possibilities are endless, everything is about how you want it. Play with the colors and elements that you like from the theme.

You can also have small cupcakes that your guest will have when comes time for tea or coffee (remember the cups on the tables?).

Invitations look very good in dark blue with a yellow ribbon around forming a bow at front. Another option is to have the invitation in yellow and a red ribbon.

Since Bella likes reading, guess what you can give to your guests as a favor? Exactly! What a better idea that giving them a book!

At the end, these are just some suggestions for your Beauty and the Beast Quinceanera, but you have the last word.

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