Since childhood, ballet has been your thing and you dream of someday becoming a prima ballerina. Your bedroom is adorned with tutus and ballet slippers and surely your jewelry box has a ballerina that spins on top.

Then what better than a ballerina theme Quinceanera? It is the perfect theme for you!

You can look as a real Ballerina on your special day

Definitely  thinking of your dress the first thing that comes to our mind is a pink or white dress with a tight corset and a long skirt with layers and layers of tulle. The dress can be long or if you prefer it, a short one that looks more like a tutu.

If you choose to wear high heels there are many models to choose from but, if you decide to wear flat shoes choose those who are similar to ballet slippers to complete your outfit.

For your hairstyle, an updo as a bun is the best option, you can accentuate it with a crystal headpiece to make it look more distinguished or a pink ribbon for a touch of innocence.

Your damas will look very pretty wearing short dresses with tulle skirt preferably in a different color than yours and flat ballerinas. The best look for your chambelanes is a black suit, white shirt, and bow tie the color of your dress.

No matter if you choose a short dress or a long dress

Roses are Quinceanera quintessential traditional flowers and what a better idea than carry them in your bouquet, whether white or a light color. The  bouquet can be decorated with other details such as ribbon or brooches.

The idea is to have delicate details that make you look like a real ballerina.

If you’re a ballet dancer, the invitations can show a picture of you doing some ballet poses, perhaps a  black and white or sepia photo. If that idea does not convince you can make your invitations as if they were tickets to a show where you are the principal dancer.

The decor is as simple as you have  some tulle and flowers in the colors of the palette you chose. You can decorate the ceiling with tulle from side to side to form a canopy. For the centerpieces make simple floral arrangements in crystal vases, pink flower pots or jars.

Wear an updo and flats to get a ballerina look

You can make a tulle bow for each of the chairs, it is fast, easy and looks great. Another good idea is making paper or tulle pom poms and hanging them from the ceiling. All these tips are very simple that you can make them yourself  and they are also very cheap.

Now that you’ve read so far, how do you imagine  your cake? We bet you would like a pink cake with a ballerina on top or maybe a pair of ballet slippers. Perhaps it can be decorated with tulle resembling a tutu, flowers or delicate pearls.

Like these there are plenty of options and ideas for your cake, at the end the choice is yours.

There are many desserts you can choose

If you’re planning to  set a candy table, make sure that candy and decorations are the same colors as everything else. Similarly, you can decorate the candy table with tulle to continue on the same tune.

Finally, let’s talk about the favors that you will give to the guests. The ballerina dancer is very popular so it will not be difficult to find something you like, maybe a small figure of a ballet dancer, sweets, a key ring or a jewel case.

Whether you have a big or little budget, sure you’ll look like the most beautiful ballerina of all times.

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