Spring is not over! Time for flowers to blossom everywhere and sunny days. It is also time to buy that special dress for the Quinceanera party you have been invited. It is going to be “the party” and you are willing to shine without stealing the Quinceanera spotlight of course.

First of all, you need to know that as a rule, guests don’t wear the same dress color that the Quinceanera or the damas. The colors of the party are not difficult to notice because almost every time the invitation shows the party theme and colors, so you can get a pretty good idea of what to wear or not to wear.

Knowing this you are ready to go shopping, it’s always fun to go shopping for a party! Let’s take a look at what trends does Spring 2016 has for you.

Flowers! Flowers everywhere, wear them on the head, on the dress or in the accessories. Floral prints are so in for this spring, printed in soft materials such like chiffon. Knee length dresses are a great option for spring Quinceanera parties.

Something you need to remember when buying a dress is to feel comfortable in it, consider you will be wearing it for many hours and you must be able to dance and move around without worrying about feeling tight or showing too much. Try all the dresses you want and need before making a choice. After all, you will be using it on more than one occasion.

Off the shoulder, halter, one shoulder, and spaghetti straps are always a favorite feature for party dresses. Choose a model according to your body type that makes you looking spectacular.

If you are not that into mini dresses, there’s always the option to wear a maxi dress. In this season fabrics like chiffon in vibrant colors are trending. Maxi dresses are elegant, flawless and awesome for dancing at the same time.

One more option is wearing a two piece set. A top crop and a skirt that can be ruffled and short or long according to your taste. You can coordinate both pieces in the same color, two different colors or one printed piece and one solid piece.

Once you have chosen your dress it’s time for the shoes. Many teens are avid to wear high heels, but this isn’t necessarily the best option. If you are not sure walking and dancing in pumps there’s always room for a cute pair of ballerinas or wedges. If you are a short girl, wedges could be great for you! They can add some height while giving comfort at the same time, and because you are attending a spring Quinceanera party, wedges can be fun too. Nowadays there are floral print and bright colors that you can wear in your shoes.

The favorite colors for this spring season are coral, teal or mint, nude, and pastel shades. So, all you have to do is look for these trends, grab a unique dress and have fun at the party!

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