Gone are the days where the traditional Quinceanera cake was the only dessert considered to offer the guests during the classic party.

The dessert bars are becoming increasingly popular at Quinceaneras parties as an alternative to cake, not to replace it entirely but rather to offer other delicacies to the guests.

Dessert bars end being one of the most frequented spots during the party while your guests enjoy again and again of all kinds of desserts. Besides guests don’t have to be over 21 to stop at this bar!

Are you ready to discover the most original and delicious dessert bars?

Bar # 1 Popcorn Gourmet

Traditional buttered popcorn has given an original twist and now is presented in different varieties, flavors, and colors. A great idea to delight your guests with something light and the colors will make your bar look amazing.

After the party, the guests can take a popcorn bag home.

Bar # 2 Gelato Bar

If your Quinceanera is taking place in hot weather or not so cold, a gelato bar is a great idea to treat your guests. Because who doesn’t like a cool dessert on those hot days? Your guests will thank you.

Bar # 3 Fruit with Chocolate

If you don’t want your guests eat lots of sweets and want them to save some space for the cake, offering a fruit with fudge chocolate bar is a great idea. Strawberries, grapes, kiwi and bananas with chocolate fudge taste delicious.

Place a chocolate fudge fountain and fruit bowls around it.

Bar # 4 Donuts Bar

You can include all kinds of donuts, with or without stuffing and with all kinds of toppings. You can even ask for a cover of the same colors of your party. This bar is perfect for a party in the evening, complete it with coffee, frappe, and milk.

Bar # 5 Variety of Apples

We Latinos love sweet, sour and hot flavors so why not give to your guest some apples covered with chamoy and chili. Of course not all your guests have the same tastes so you’ll want to offer chocolate covered apples with nuts and caramel apples too.

There’ll be an apple for everyone!

Bar # 6 S’mores Bar

This classic dessert is favorite of young and old and what a better idea to have S’mores station at your Quinceanera. Of course, you’re not going to make a bonfire in the middle of your party but you can use lighters as those used for camping.

Bury the cans in pots with gravel so only the flame can be seen. Place all ingredients in glass containers for everyone to prepare their s’more.

Bar # 7 Macaroons

Especially if your party has a Paris theme or related to the Eiffel Tower, this bar is a great option. The macaroons are colorful and just as beautiful at first sight that no one can resist them.

Bar # 8 Pan Dulce

If you are Mexican, sure you’d love to have a fresh pan dulce bar at your Quince. Place all kinds of pan dulce in baskets to give a more typical touch.

From traditional shells, horns up to ears your guests can not decide. Serve with hot foaming chocolate.

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